Help,SEVERE fatigue. I have fibro/cfs. Currently take antidepr. I don't feel like doing anything

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    I'm sorry Paul but you are still doing the same thing. Making claims that do not help anyone. We've all heared claims of no failure over and over again and we all given our full in many of those claims and know from experience by now that it isn't true that there is any one method that is failure proof for everyone. You are still not answering my question and no, we are not people that never ever get better because we want to stay sick and wallow in our own misery like you stated in your other post. It's neither strange or new to me to work with the consicousness, I'm a student of that for almost 23 years, even before I got ill, and I know what a healing that does to the soul.

    I was simply asking you for your personal experience and again you answer with a website with over 700 videos, that is nor simple nor fast nor personal. You keep making claims and all I wanted to know was what you personally did that made you feel the enormous difference in your body in one hour only that you are mentioning and what was the difference you felt.

    Anyways, I doesn't feel right to continue this conversation on this board that isn't about me or your method but about a question the initial poster posted so I'm gonna leave this thread now. I wish you well Paul and hope you find a way to share your message in a more postive and supportive way.

    And mbungert, I appologize for jumping in like I did but if people judge others so harshly without knowing their story or everything they did to become well I just have to jump in and speak out what's on my heart. I wish you all the best and hope you find a method that works for you.
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    Paul, does this also apply to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.???? Instead of telling us to watch YouTube videos, why don't you just explain to us, right now, what we need to do to feel radical changes within the hour. There's no need for YouTube or emailing you. Please, share your wealth of information right here with us. You'll be famous next week when we turn to our local news media to spread the great news of our miraculous recovery. ;)
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    Yes it does apply to diabetes, and I myself had cancer of the liver, given 15 months to live, and 6 years later I am still here, by the grace of God and the miracle of EFT. Just go and watch the videos, they will teach you all how to tap, because that is exactly what I did, because I wanted to live, and because I had friends and family that I loved so much and I was not ready to leave this world. If you stand in the face of death then you will realize how precious life really is. It took me 6 months of tapping, many days of despair, but my pain disappeared within about 24 hours. Just go and Google it. I have taught this technique to people in seminars, one one consultations, over long distance with the help of Skype and and by making them aware of the training material on the web. Yes, I have bought the training videos from Gary Craig and those Of Robert Smit. It saved my life, but is was still a choice I had to make. Die or do something. I chose to do something. I don't ask anyone to believe what I said. All that I know is that some of you people had been trying everything in the book that the doctors told you, and did it help or cured you. Why not try this and see for yourself. You have nothing to loose.

    Before you just make any judgement and snide remarks, at least have a look at this and then make an informed decision. With this I would put the challenge out there for all your non believers. Let us set up a Skype appointment with any person who are willing to try this, and let that person be witness to the power EFT. If there is no immediate improvement in the condition or pain levels, then you have all the right to call me a fraud.
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    Paul - I watched one of the faster eft videos the other day. It's interesting. I've seen several of Gary Craig's videos. I do think EFT can help with emotional blockages, but am not convinced of its role in helping with physical illness. However, I don't think there's any harm in trying it. I've used EFT on myself and found it a little helpful for emotional issues.

    A few years ago I did EFT over the phone with a woman trained in the technique. I liked her very much. However, the sessions wore me out (I have CFS) and I ended up crashing. I guess one could adapt the sessions to their tolerance level.

    EFT is being used successfully with war veterans and PTSD. Another exceptional technique for PTSD is EMDR, best done with a trained therapist. It is very effective for trauma and other issues and works much more quickly than traditional talking therapy alone.

    Having said all this, I am going to try out the "faster eft" technique on my own, am curious about it.

    Thanks for posting -

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    Hi Mary,

    I am glad to know that you have had former experience with EFT. There is quite a difference in the two techniques, and I have had tremendous success with a blend of the two together. If you did watch video 731, it certainly did change that woman's life for good. If you stick to this, you will beat it, and yes, it does take some time and energy. If I may suggest something that can help you getting of to a good start, is that you start using it first to combat your low energy. Once you overcome that one, then the rest would be easier.

    Oh yes, and it is also very important to drink lots of water, to flush the toxins out of your body, once you start with the process. Sometimes people might feel worse once they started with the process, and that is a good sign, for this means that the body has reacted well and healing is underway.

    If you need any help or further guidance, also have a look at the new Golden Standard EFT tutorial on Gary Craig's website.

    I wish you all the best and take care.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Paul. It's not really low energy that's my problem - it's "post-exertional malaise" - crushing fatigue that hits some 16 to24 hours after exertion. So I can have a relatively good day, but have to stop after 3 to 4 hours of light exertion - otherwise I crash the next day. But in any event I could try the faster eft on the crashing.

    I'm really glad to hear that the faster eft helped you so much! Whatever works, that doesn't harm us or cost too much ....

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Mary,

    Our bodies are driven by our subconscious mind and is functioning on autopilot and hence it don't make a distinction between events from the past or the present, and even if you exert yourself only for a little while, it would out of habit react to the same patterns and written traces. The key here is to find that trace to the pattern that triggers the process and then remove that. That key could be a memory of anything like fear, sadness, pain, trauma (physical and emotional) or sometime a total unrelated item of which we don't even have a conscious memory of. A suggestion would be that you do a daily tap after any exertion on the emotions that might come up if you think about the forthcoming crash, and then tap on that.

    There is a great great video to help you get started by Grace Jones, No 31 on the Faster Eft website in the Fibromyalgia section. It is a good way to get you started of if you do a tap along while watching and then just do a few rounds on whatever you feel right for you. I would also address the subconscious fear for the"crash" and see what happens.

    Best wishes and God bless

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    Hi Paul - I think we just don't know enough about the causes of CFS or FM etc. to say with any certainty that they are caused by our subconscious. There may be a role the subconscious plays in all this but we just don't know. If someone swallowed a bunch of rat poison, I don't think the solution would be for them to do tapping. People wouldn't start talking about the subconscious as playing a role in poisoning. If someone has AIDS or another communicable disease, I don't know if tapping would be of benefit either. But since the origins of CFS/ME and FM are unknown, many people are very quick to ascribe subconscious factors as causation.

    I don't think my crashing is due to patterns and traces. Something is wrong with energy production in my body. It seems to be in constant anaerobic mode which is extremely inefficient. I have a very limited window of activity each day and if I exceed that window, I crash.

    Tapping may be of benefit, but I just don't know, but I'm willing to try. If nothing else, it may help with some emotional issues I'm dealing with. But I'm afraid I don't like the certainty with which you address the subconscious and illness. We just don't know enough.

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    Hi Mary, I would agree to a certain extend that tapping certainly would not be helpful in some cases. I fully agree with you that your crashes is not caused by patterns and thoughts, it is just the other way around. Everything that happens in or to the body does have a cause, and a reaction. The reaction becomes a learned response and the subconscious mind then creates a pattern or trace which is recorded. From thereon, the reaction would always be the same if that pattern or trace is activated. The subconscious mind in itself does not create the disease, and there could be any amount of other unknown factors that is responsible for that. The purpose of tapping is to eliminate the trace or the pattern and replace that with a suitable trace that will in fact start the healing process. Though any disease or physical or emotional trauma usually have a cause that can be explained, we must bear in mind, that the disease in itself causes emotional trauma, like stress, pain, fear, hopelessness and whatever feelings a person might experience.

    Our bodies is constantly in a stage of fight or flight syndrome, depending on our surroundings and circumstances. Some of us are fortunate that our subconscious mind can sense rather quickly when it safe for the body to relax and then send a signal signal to the brain to either increase or reduce certain chemicals to do so. For some people the subconscious mind is not sending that signal to the brain and our bodies remain most of the time in fight mode, with the adrenal glands working overtime and we stay under constant stress, which makes it difficult for the body to heal itself. Did you know that it has been proven that you can regulate your blood sugar levels by just doing one or two rounds of EFT?

    I know and acknowledge the fact that we still have to learn a lot about the influence of the mind on the body, and even the pharmaceutical companies had to admit that the placebo effect does exist, as it had been proven in many clinical trials. EFT is a relative new science, and it does get its fair share of negative critique, as it is so expected. Most of the established professions like medical doctors, psychiatrists and the major pharmaceutical companies feel threatened by it, for the simple reason is that is is slowly getting recognized as an alternative method to combat a lot of conditions, previously thought to be incurable. A good example of one such thing is hay fever that brought on by allergies. In the years I had my clinic, I had seen many allergies just vanished within a matter of 20 minutes, and I once had a local radio station broadcasted a live tapping session for a women with gluten allergy, which has been resolved completely without any medication. We have a simple motto.....EFT, try it on anything, you have nothing to loose.

    Take care

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    Paul - I agree, try EFT on anything. I sent a link to my sister who tried it on an emotional issue and thinks it helped. I have no idea what it can or cannot do for CFS, but yes, it won't hurt to try. I think I'll leave it at that! :)