HELP Should I see a dr about Viruses based on these results?

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    LISALOO New Member

    I have an apt with Dr. Vrchota. I can't do natural supplements, with bad IC. Can't do Valcyte, due to IC, not sure about other prescription antivirals or if Dr. Vrchota will prescribe them. Plus her fee for the first apt is $750 plus tests ($1-3K). So I'm not sure if I want to pay if I shouldn't worry about viruses. Or travel 6 hours, couldn't find anyone else closer to Madison WI with good knowledge of viruses.if you think I should see someone about viruses and have dr recommendations (Dr V or someone closer) let me know.

    Results from past tests:

    8/11/05 RNASE-L 15.00 (range 1-10)

    9/16/05 CMV IGG <.91 in range
    IGM <.89 in range

    EBV Early Antigen IGG AB - <.98 In range
    EBV Panel - IGM <.98 In range
    EBV IGG - 2.61 High
    EBV Nuclear Antigen (EBNA) IGG - 4.61 High

    Parvovirus B-19
    IGG - 5.44 High
    IGM - Negative

    Micoplasma Pneumoniae
    IGG - 1.41 High
    IGM - Negative

    IGG - 10 High (10 or higher is high)
    IGM - Negative

    Chlamydia Pneumoniae
    IGM - Negative
    IGG - 1:32 High - anything over 1:16 is high
    IGA - Negative

    IGG - Negative
    IGM - 160 High

    IGM- Negative
    IGG - 3.46
    EBV Nuclear Antigen IGG - Positive

    IGG - 1:160 High
    IGM - Neg

    I did take one month of Valtrex no change, 3 weeks of Valcyte before it brought my Interstitial Cystitis out of remission - no better no worse.

    I did just go to an ILIADS LLMD in Waupaca WI and am starting treatment for Lyme.
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    LISALOO New Member

    help help help me please!!!
  3. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    Osp A is the outer surface protein of the Borrelia bug. It's a triacyl lipopeptide Pam3Cys which causes the immune system supression to reactivate latent infections. Many people w/Lyme have infections (high IgG ABs) to every pathogen they've ever been exposed to. The docs argue that a high IgG means nothing but that's what Montoya's studies were all about.

    Nobel AIDS Researcher Paul Duray has made some discoveries about Pam3Cys Immune Suppression and how that - Yale's bogus Lyme vaccine - related to the HIV vaccine failures (OspA is stuck on an HIV vaccine, because OspA - the Pam3Cys l lipopeptide - is also
    found in HIV gp120 and gp41.

    I think that certain cases of CFS are caused by the reactivated latent infections is an outcome of Lyme Borreliosis. I still believe the numbers of people with CFS that are affected by Lyme is 8 out 0f 10 people.

    I personally tried an AV -- Famvir which caused me to vomit all of the time. With no warning. It was awful. I may try Valcyte to treat my high EBV titers. You might want to check into the HHV6 (for ideas in general about viruses) website plus there is one on CMV and also look into

    Many LLMDs will prescribe AVs for Lyme soup. It just depends on whether or not they believe the viral component is contributing to your illness. You also want to be on anti-fungal meds plus Abx.

    I do think that all of the high IgG titers mean something. That is one thing we all have in common with ME/CFS/FM/Lyme/GWI.

  4. ladybugmandy

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    your antibodies seem to indicate infection but your Rnase L isnt high...i dont know what to make of that...but most docs are not even sure what Rnase l really means if anything. if it is very high then it usually means active virus...but maybe you can have active virus in the absence of a high rnase l...?

    your antibodies seem to suggest a viral component...
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    LISALOO New Member

    thanks for your comments, I'm going to continue to think about if the cost of the apt is worth it.

    I know I can't do valcyte. It tore my bladder apart.

    If anyone else has thoughts I would appreciate it.

    LISALOO New Member

    Who did you see or are seeing about antivirals? I know you're in the midwest like me and can't find anyone who is super expensive or close. Does that same person help with your hormones?


    I'm going to work on the lyme, but it seems like part of me is viral. I got a virus last month and jumped back about 40%.

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    LISALOO New Member

    bumping for more thoughts please!!!
  8. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi Lisa,

    Seems so pricey! I can't advise you on what's right for you. But, seems like alot of money in one place.

    I've enjoyed conversing with you in the past. But I don't remember all of the therapies that you've previously tried.

    Have you tried abx and transfer factors? And what about nattokinase or Boluke?

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