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    My husband has early onset parkinson's and I have so many issues to talk about. I can't find a support group in my area and I thought I'd find some help on this board. I am 57 and he is 59. He just started on Sinemet and so far is hasn't helped, but it's only been 2 weeks and he just started on the "theraputic dose" tonight - that is, 1 1/2 tabs 3x daily.
    He is still pretty ok - can work, do most of the things he used to, etc. But I'm having a lot of trouble accepting that he has this disease - he seems to be growing older so quickly. He does not have much energy, his movements are slower, he speaks SO softly, shuffles, and seems very frail, etc. I am very "young" for my age and this is especially difficult for me to accept. I started seeing a therapist today but I don't see how she can help - it's something I have to accept and maybe that just takes time. I am looking for people to talk to who are going through a similar experience and I thought that this was a good way to find that support. Please answer if you are out there!!!!
    Thanks sooo much. L
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    I hope that although you don't see what a therapist can do for you that you will keep going to the therapist. The therapist will help you to accept this, to understand this and a therapist is a good place to start. What you see in Michael J. Fox on TV is the very best care and meds that lots of money and research can buy. But for the regular person, they are not usually as fortunate. Below are some sites that are cleared by Google as okay, and check them out for yourself to get information.

    --Here is Parkinsons Disease Caregivers Information (with support group meetings)

    --Here is the site for the National Parkinsons Foundation

    --Here is the Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research