help! SSI denied me again

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    I have a lawyer and he had gotten the deniuel too. one of the things they said was "that since I can go to the store
    once a week and can cook that I'm not disabled"!!
    anyway the lawyer said most everyone has to go thru all the
    bull s**it of sending in the forms, waiting, waiting, waiting...He said he was sending the new papers off to SSI and that this will be to get to see the judge. well he said it might take 18 months I almost fainted. anyone else have to wait this long?? I am seeing my Rheumy to get a Chronic Fatigue "test" but I ant see him until Dec. 1st-
    I hate to see this but if my mom hadnt died in April and left me a few pennies , I'd be really panicking.
    thanks to anyone answering!
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    thanks for the email-do you have a lawyer? you can get one and dont pay a thing until you win and then he only gets 25% of the back pay owed. he has helped me so much plus he does all the paper work and stuff. just get one that specializes in disability SS. he also took my case becuz I have tons of narcotic medication including and I do take morphine 3x a day and a bunch of other stuff the side effects are a disability in itself. and be sure and have your doctors behind you-I have my rheumy and and I have to see a shrink at the medcenter just to get my scrips...
    good luck! just get a lawyer!!
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    Getting denied for disability is pretty much the norm. I've been in the process for three years. A month ago I went to the hearing before the administrative law judge. Even though I have an attorney, I wanted all the info I could get beforehand, so went searching online. Found this article on an attorney's website; very helpful. (You may have to cut and paste this address).

    After the hearing, the judge looked at me and said, "We'll let you know in two to six months. Good luck." WHAT!!! I was flabbergasted. And as for "luck" -- well, hmmph.

    I'd say go ahead and get tested, and if you get notification that the hearing will be before December 1 (which is doubtful, but you never know), be sure to have somebody reschedule the test for you. You need all the ammo you can get at this point. Keep good notes between now and then, and make sure your attorney gets a record of every medical provider visit you make between now and the hearing sent to the law judge.

    I hate to see you waiting so long, too, but I'm glad you have a bit of financial cushion to rely on.

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    ewwwww... i cringed when i read you being on this for 3 years. mine has been almost a year...
    heck I will be worse in 18 months-3 years!!!
    my rheumy is really good about writing wonderful reports
    for me.. he use to be my reg doctor but his partners told him to drop all his patients who were on narcotics!!!
    and he's a rheumatologist!!! it took me 3 months to find a doctor-no one would touch me-my last resort was the methadone clinic at KU Med Ctr-the doctor i see is a real bitch but she writes my scrips. she switched me from oxycodone to morphine and also i take percocet instead of vicoprophen . so my meds last much much longer and i dont run out like i did with prev meds-anyway I still see him for reports and stuff cuz the shrink minimizes my fibro yet precribes morphine for me-figure that one-
    I just call the doctors office every day and ask if they have any cancellations-somestimes i luck out- there's a ton of older people (older than me -57!) and they always cancel apts when it rains or the weathers bad!!
    guess i could start robbing banks then get caught then at trial cry and say SSI kept denying me and I HAD to rob banks and then maybe they'll make a made for tv movie about me-I want michelle phieffer to play me of course!!!
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    I am so sorry that you are going through this too. I just received my first denial on Tuesday and was so depressed I just couldn't talk to anyone. I know this is the norm, but I like everyone else get so tired of justifying this condition.

    I am going to get a lawyer now. I just have to call and make an appointment. I love what the SS letter said..."you say have fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, IBS, memory loss, and chronic pain"...your doctors (including SS sending me to their own doctor) say you have "blah, blah,blah" but we determine that you can still do the work that you did previously. I worked at a computer for 8 to 12 hours a day as a database manager. As I stated in the application I cannot sit in a straight backed chair for more than 1 hour at a time. I cannot keep my memory straight (often cannot remember how to spell, keep train of thought). Yet they think I can keep a this type of job. Yeah, right. My last boss was ready to fire me before I resigned. Sometimes I wish I had let her.

    Anyway, didn't mean to go off, but I just needed to vent. I really loved my work and would love to be able to go back to it. But I will fight the great battle with you and we will trudge on together because as the case worker at SS told me, "you paid for this like an insurance premium and you are entitled to it". Please remember you are a worthwhile individual no matter what the power that be may throw at you. Sometimes I think they do this to see if you really do have sticking power.

    Good luck and I will be checking in with you so please keep us informed.
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    Great idea for a movie. heehee The filmmakers could do an fm/cfs movie like "Chicago" except that the cast members would have to sit down every few dance steps and Richard Gere would be a disability attorney ... lol

    Seriously, it sounds like you're managing as best you can. It seems that the only way to get through all of it is persistence and being the squeaky wheel. One thing I should have done is get an attorney that deals exclusively with disability. Hindsight ... :-\ .. and the wait goes on.

    Best to you,