help start weight loss plan?

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  1. lmn

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    Hi all!
    I feel like such a whiner but I just can't seem to get my act together. My primary and my rheumy both advised me to go low carb and start exercising. Well, I walked 2 times this week and did yoga once, so I'm on my way.

    My eating habits, however, are horrible!! :) I don't eat a lot, but I eat carbs, carbs, carbs. I've tried time and time again only to fail. I know how bad they are for us FMers, but I just can't seem to do it. Can someone offer some words of wisdom to help me get started, and stay focused? Thank you!!!!!!!!
    PS Don't be gentle....I can take it! :) LOL
  2. Mrs. B

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    what I've learned (by the way, those that can't do - teach) is to

    1. Eat 6 small meals a day (about 6 oz. each. or the size of your palm)

    2. Drink at least 8 oz of water 20 - 30 min. before eating

    3. Try to limit bad carbs ex: breads, starches etc.

    4. Inrease good carbs ex: carrots, celery etc.

    5. Get plenty of protien ex: fish is best but, also chicken

    6. If you have a craving eat carrots or something first. If you still have it, give into it but, stay in control. If you deprive yourself you may end up binging later.

    7. Avoid caffiene and artifical sweetners... they only make you hungry later. A good natural sweetner & sugar replacement is Stevia

    8. Eat little or no dairy food or products.

    9. Try to excersize if you can but, only do as much as you can to avoid a flare up and a set back.

    10. I recommend Sea Salt everyday for generally feeling good. It helps me. You can find more info about that in the search box above if necessary.

    11. And last but, definately NOT least. Don't think of it as a "diet" think of it as changing your eating habits for a healthier life.

    Anyway, that's my two cents worth. I hope some of it will help someone.

    PS. I also heard it's best to start on a Monday and for ladies it best to start one the Monday after your period starts.
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  3. shazz

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    Hello, my name is shazza and I'm a carbohydrate addict!
    The more carbs you eat, the more you crave.
    I swear it's so hard to get started. I also swear that after two weeks you won't even miss them.
    BUT here is the kiss of death. Slip up just once, and it will be harder to start next time. I know from personal experience. I did not crave sugar or any carbs after two weeks, but just one night of having pizza, ( I wasn't even craving it, but had some anyhow) and the cycle starts all over again. I have not been able to get going again either.
    I guess the only way to get going is to do it, just ONE day at a time.
    There is a website called atkins friends (use the usual prefixes and suffexes) that is VERY helpful, they have hints, recipes and a message board that may get you started on your way.
    I am not sure this way of eating is for everyone though, I feel pretty rough on it, even after the two weeks "induction". But others swear by it and do just fine.
    Good luck hon, I know it's hard.
  4. Susan07

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    Dr. Phil is going to be talking about weight loss this week, you might find that helpful. Katie Couric also had a 2 hr special w/Dr. Phil tonight.
  5. NanceZ

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    I HAD to change my eating plan as I could not function in my life and the holistic doc led the way.....and I followed. I was a carb addict, though within like 6 days of not eating ANY....the cravings stopped. It's addiction like alchohol or drugs or any other. Like the others said, the minute i eat a little bit..I want more, more more!!!

    The change in my health was immediately rewarding but I also cut out all wheat, dairy and most meats. Now I eat organic chicken, eggs,a little beef, veggies and fruit.and drink tons of water.

    I never thought I could claim to be a water and no carb dieter but i did it!!!!!

    You can too....honest
  6. loopyloo

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    Hi everyone i have tried every diet and weight loss undre the sun and have spent a fortune on pills to lose weight i got to a size 24 english size and thought enough is enough i have to lose weight so i joined slimming world i can not believe how easy it is in the last 10-12 weeks i have lost 1 1/2 stone, it is not a diet but achange in the way you eat you have RED days that is lots of meat with either salad vegtables and fruit you can eat as much as you like low fat yoghurts and you can have 15 sins a day for sweets alcohol chocalate as long as you count them you can eat them.
    Then you have GREEN days where you can eat as much pasta potatoes rice as you like again sins 15 a day you can eat lots of veg fruit and salad on both days but dont mix the protein and carbohydrates that is the sectret of losing the weight so nothing is banned and it is just anew way of eating but it works some of the ladys at my group have lost 5 stone they lose 2 3 4 5 up to 8 pounds a week and every week the weight comes of i am amazed that it is working you can have every day green if you want or red or mix them red green red green any conbination.
    hope this helps everyone just give it a try
    Loopyloo xx
  7. dimarc

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    I know exactly how you feel. I went to the Dr. the other day and had gained 8 more lbs in just a few months! He said it was all medication related. Everything I have read says that SSRI's almost completely shut down your metabolism, so no matter what I do, I'm not going to lose weight....totally discouraging. I'm on Lexapro and Wellbutrin. I'm getting off the Lexapro because this has caused the most significant weight gain. A personal trainer advised me to try L-Carnatine (which I just started yesterday) It's the pure liquid form. He said it would help speed up the metabolism, but you have to exercise to get the full benefit. I did notice yesterday when I exercised I perspired I guess it's helping. My energy level was also better. Anyway, I can't let you know for sure if it's working yet, because it's too soon, but maybe you might want to look into it and see if this is something you might want to try.
  8. Samsgram

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    I don't know if it will interest you but Donna Partow has set up a yahoo group for just exactly this support. It has only been going since 9/2 I think and already over 200 women have joined. The link is There is a message board and the ladies are carrying themselves and each other along. I am on day 3 and hanging in 'in spite of'. The first day I would have done mayhem and bodily injury for so much as a saltine cracker but I made. You might want to check it out. It's free from start to finish.
    Good luck. I'll pray for you.
  9. lmn

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    I appreciate all the advice and support. Definitely going to check out that site, too. Thanks again!! lmn
  10. pam_d

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    Here goes....

    I'd gained a few pounds over the FM years, about 30---not grossly overweight or anything, just weighing more than I'd like. Never could shed a pound.

    Then I found out from a very thorough allergist that I was very much allergic to dairy products & gluten/wheat. Now, I'm allergic to other stuff too (eggs, soy) but these were the biggest offenders. Was in denial about 2 months, but finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and try to eliminate these things from my diet.

    I cut out ALL bread, crackers, pretzels, pizza, cheese---let me tell you, this was the stuff of life for me! I wasn't a sweet eater, but those starchy carbs & cheese were my achille's heels!! But, I told myself, this stuff is POISON for me, and somehow, that made it easier.

    Not only do I feel more energetic & better overall (my FM symptoms not gone at all, but much more tolerable) but in about 8 months I'd lost 28 lbs!! That alone keeps me on this diet!

    I have been advised since that I could go on the NAET allergy elimination system & permanently rid myself of the food allergies that I have---in other words, eat bread & cheese again. My response is, WHY in the heck would I EVER want to eat dairy & gluten & wheat again, when I have lost the weight & feel better than ever? I have no desire to eat this stuff again!

    My advice is, try to convince yourself that this stuff is poison for you, that you'll feel better than ever without it. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to notice differences (for me, it took 6-8 weeks). Cut out the starchy carbs, especially, and see if you don't feel better AND lose some weight!

    Good luck to you----dieting is never fun, but try not to look at it as "dieting"----for me the weight loss is just a happy side effect of eating more fresh fruits & veggies, a reasonable amount of protein (I DON'T do high fat & protein, like an Atkins plan) and very few carbs, especially the starchy kind.

    Let us know how it goes,,,,

  11. lmn

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    Thanks for telling me like it is. You're right. I'm glad you mentioned how long it took you because I like to see/feel results immediately. Now I know it's going to take more than a few days to lose the cravings and feel the difference.
    Ok, I'll start telling myself it's poison. Your success story is quite inspiring. Interestingly, I need to lose 28 pounds too!
    Thanks again, and I'll pop in and let you know how it's going in a few weeks. I truly appreciate your input, and everyone else who posted.

    Fondly, lmn
  12. BethM

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    I am on day 11 of the South Beach diet, hanging in. Still have carb crave days, but the first 5 days were the worst. I am sticking with it, though, as this is the first time I've ever had any real weight loss success, about 5 pounds so far, and about 35 to go. This program makes sense to me, but I do look forward to starting Phase 2 on Sunday, when I can add some fruits and other good glycemic carbs back in. (High? Low? can't remember which glycemic is good. been a long day...)

    Anyway, I think the advice of low carbs is good. Good luck, be strong, you can do this!

  13. Samsgram

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    I too have all those crazy allergies. Corn, beef, milk and dairy products, wheat, etc., etc. I can go on the elemination diet and get so I can do alright with everything but dairy products. But eventually "my bucket gets full(seasonal allergies, stress, etc.)" as my allergist says and they start bothering me again. Every fall I have to cut out more of the different foods for 3 months or so. Bummer. But, it beats all the alternatives, my fibro fog is so bad these days that I can't even remember what the alternatives are. Life is worth it. Hang in.
  14. lmn

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    I started the South Beach Diet this morning,too! I have always been a bagel, cereal, or toast person so it is difficult to find non-carb alternatives for breakfast. I made it through my first meal though. I sauteed leftover asparagus and cherry tomatoes from my garden with ham, then melted some mozzarella on top. It was delicious! I was full, too, so I didn't miss the toast!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I keep re-reading all the posts about how bad carbs are and I truly want to feel better. Your are all wonderful!!


  15. Adl123

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    I'm no shining example, as I am still struggling to loose,and the last tme I lost a huge amount of weight, I triggered my CFIDS/Fibro diagnosis and ended up not working. However, lately, this is what is working for me. I'm losing 1 to 2 pounds a month.
    l. Eat an apple before each meal.(Unless you are diabetic)
    2. Drink a lot of water.
    3. Reduce portions. I use the portions given on food containers and eat only one or 2 small portions of any one thing. My stomach is shriking and I am eating less and less, and feeling satisfied.
    4. Welcome that little "hungry feeling", for that is when your body is using fat.(So I'm told).
    5. Stop eating at the first sign that something has reached your stomach ("fullness").
    Good luck to you. So many of us are in this boat, and we are not helped by all the TV coverage that is going on right now. Chin up. You are in good company. Hugs, Terry
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  16. jeanann

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    a wonderful organizatoin called Overeaters Anonymous. IT is likened after AA, same idea. IT has been a God send for me with the wieght issue. It is most likely in the phone book or call information, they should tell you the meeting schedule in your area.

    It has really helped me, there are also meetings on line if you like.

    Love Jean Ann