HELP Still feeling lousy from the flu shot I had THREE days ago

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zenouchy, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is feeling as well as possible. I got a flu shot Tuesday afternoon, and I feel just yucky! The shot hurt my arm to the extent that I could barely raise it without stung horribly. I could barely sleep Tuesday night because I'm an "active sleeper" (I tend to move around a lot), so I would keep waking up from accidentally rubbing my sore arm against blankets.

    Wednesday, I felt "so-so"- I was very sore from awkard sleep and deprived sleep. Wednesday nite though I had a low-grade fever. However, I expected that from the flu shot, plus, it was only one day later.

    Thursday though, I was just TOTALLY dead on my feet and had to be in bed all day, and that afternoon, I had a fever of 100. This morning, the fun continued with more exhaustion and now, my stomach is "off" with IBS-like symptoms. Perhaps the IBS is unrelated though. SHEESH! The rest of my family just experienced a little arm soreness (of course).

    Anyone else experience this? When will the "fun" end?! Thanks for commiserating. :)

  2. turtlesyndrome

    turtlesyndrome New Member

    I don't do well with flu shots. The last flu shot I got made me feel horrible and then I got two really bad colds/flu that season. I don't like vaccines all-together. Just something wierd about injecting me with dead viruses. I don't think the additives in them are healthy either. Personally I stay away from Flu-shots, but thats just my opinion, everyone is different. Hope you start feeling better soon. "Go easy and if you can't go easy, then go as easy as you can."
  3. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    There is a stomach and a respiratory bug going around. You may have caught it.
  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm guessing, except for the sore arm, you're feeling lousy from the lack of sleep rather than from the flu shot. Same with the IBS. Flu shots don't contain live viruses so really don't cause after-effects. If we get sick afterward it's because we have another virus or bacterial infection or, with this illness, we're more delicate. ;>(

    Give it a few more days, sleep as much as you can and you'll be back to "normal". Don't we wish??

  5. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi Erika
    I get exactly the same reactions as you have with the flu shot! I've been putting it off as I know how ill I get with it.

    I can't move my arm for days after because it's so sore & get symptoms just like the flu. It usually lasts a week with me. I'm sorry that you're going through it but relived that it's not just me that gets this reaction!

    I've been told that "no-one has adverse effects with flu shots" & so the implication being that I'm just making it up.

    Before FM I didn't get any reaction so it's definitely down to an overly sensitive system.

    You will feel better soon & it does beat getting the flu as last time I had flu 2 years ago I was VERY ill for 2 months - so I guess it's time to bite the bullett & get my shot done.

    Best wishes
  6. Callum

    Callum New Member

    It's not fair that someone would tell you that "No one has adverse effects from the flu shot." It IS true that no one can get the flu from the flu shot, but many of us aren't just immuno-compromised, we have hyper-active immune systems. This means that we "feel" our immune system respond to the serum, which can cause us to feel feverish, achy, chilled, fatigued, sore, etc.

    I choose to get the flu shot, but that is only because I work in a profession that, not only am I sharing germs all the time, but I just can't afford to be coughing and hacking when I'm performing. So the couple of days feeling yucky after I get the shot is worth it for me. However, I can see why others would choose to avoid the flu shot altogether.

  7. maria7

    maria7 New Member

    I am struggling with the same thing. I had my shot on Monday, here it is Friday, and I can hardly move! Exhaustion, red eyes, the whole works. But for me it beats getting the flu, that can also kick up CFS symptoms like nothing else. Hang in there, it does eventually clear up. Every year I go through this and am incredulous that it happens like clockwork each time. I got 20,000 mgs of Vitamin C intravenously today, fingers crossed this helps. Maria
  8. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Thank you all for your words of support. I'm so out of it right now still, but thank you all! Flu shots are indeed a bit of a gamble. I always get ill from them, but for me it's so much better than the flu, which I'm sure would last two weeks and leave me dead to the world. Another friend of mine felt really bad from it too. Even though it's a "dead virus", our bodies can react apparently. I looked at "", and it says you can have symptoms like the ones I and others of us have had. I hope you all feel better too.

    On an important side note because I hope this helps at least one person:

    I LITERALLY JUST FOUND THIS OUT!! I realized a lot of my IBS is due to the fact that I've been drinking city water. (Keep reading!) However, I didn't know that was the culprit until just a few minutes ago! My friend JUST told me that she read an article about a women from IL that has fibro who was really sensitive to her city's drinking water and found out that it was the major contributor to her IBS. As soon as she changed to filtered water, her IBS was much better.

    I just started using filtered water last summer from our new refrigerator and noticed my IBS was getting better, but didn't make the connection until JUST NOW. I always thought my IBS was stress related. As soon as our refrigerator filter needed changing (we're having a hard time getting it removed-it's wedged too far back in the freezer) and I switched to our city water, my IBS came back! I finally made a connection of one major contributor to my IBS. I'm going to do a separate post on this. We've always talked about probiotics, fiber and reducing stress to helping with IBS. All VERY important, but I never thought about drinking water. This is a really big deal for me! Hope it helps at least one person.

    Much love, Erika
  9. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi Callum
    Thanks for your supportive words.

    Over here in the U.K, FM does not qualify for a free flu shot - you have to be "on the list"! But my doctor understands how my immune system is compromised & said he would try and sneak me a free one and give me the injection himself!

    Trouble is I haven't had the energy to get to the doctors which is all of 5 minutes walk away - will try & get an appointment on Monday, which is fairly impossible as being so good he is a popular doctor.

    Even though he admits there's nothing more he can do for me, he INSISTS I see him once a month. Just to have someone who actually cares, especially when you're on your own, means a lot.

    Best wishes to you

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