help, stomach agonies, vitamin overdose?

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  1. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I'm sorry to both you guys so much
    Rhumeatologist office doesnt pick up phone 4.24 I asked her to consult with my gastro because i dont think my body is handling this stuff too well, even if i do need it.
    she prescribed 50,000mg Vit D and 1000mgB12, plus I take a mega multi/mineral
    I have severe IBS, and after 3 days on these vitamins i am in AGONY, the stomach pain an d nausea just comes in waves.
    The day started out normal, went to work, by 10am i was doubled over my desk
    Has anyone had problems with mega dosses of vitamins?
  2. happycanuk

    happycanuk New Member

    I think I would start at a lower dose and work my way up. I go to a Naturopath that practices Kinesology and she always tests me to see how I will do on something before you precribes it. Do you take it all at once, or spread it out throught the day, with meals?
  3. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    yeah, i knew enough to eat a bowl of oatmeal with whole milk before dumping so much vitamins on my stomach
    my bloodwork showed me deficient, so she said, take this and this with no guidelines and i specifically mentioned 3 epsiodes of gastristis. you know the more you talk to docs and show some knowledge about your body or health, it seems it works against you. if i told her this why not consult with my gastro first to be sure this is okay...i'm really fed up and of course they'll find a way to blame me/my body/brain etc for this too
  4. pat460

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    I also have IBS and starting with those dosages would have me in bed, doubled up, and screaming in agony! You will probably have to give your stomach and guts a few days of rest and gentle babying first, then start over with small doses and build them up over time. If your IBS is anything like mine, you will have to watch what brand vitamins you take and try to get coated tabs or caplets/capsules. Taking them before bed may help with the nausea--you know, try to sleep through it.

    I've been trying to add some vitamins and supplements as well, but it has to be a slow tedious process with IBS. Probiotics seem to have made the difference for me this time around. Do you take them?

    Your Friend and Fellow Sufferer, Pat
  5. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    surprise surprise...she told me to start using an OTC Previcid for GERD which I have but I dont have heartburn at all. she said doesnt matter, stomach acid is too strong and that's what's causing the problem.
    she also said to break it up into small doses as everyone else was smart enough to think of but she was too busy to instruct.

    My vitamins just have a regular coating, nothing special and they're 'natural' not drugstore if that makes a difference. I tried liquid viatmins onces but couldnt keep them down, horrible. If we're allowed to mentioon brands and anyone would suggest a better brand for someone with IBS, I would apprecite it.
    Whole day spent taking pills, its a full time job being sick.
  6. roge

    roge Member

    50 grams of vit D?? - that is a boatload - wow - who recommended that to you?

    hope you feel better soon

  7. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Thanks for heads up, because gastro said previcid, I couldnt remember which one.
    Gastro called and said (I can't believe I heard this) If you cannot see the whole vitamins tablets expelled in your bowel movement, its safe to assume you're absorbing them.
    I'm not sure if thats gastro humor, my doc tends to be on the dry side.
    He said keep taking them and if things dont ease up with additional consults, he'll order a CAT because I have alot of scarring from surgeries.

    Roge, that's 50,000mg Vit D, as per rhuematologist.
    Dumping high doeses of isolated vitamins goes against everything I learned, they work synergistically and should be combined. So this is news to me. I'm looking into juicing seriously now also.

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  8. jaariel35

    jaariel35 New Member

    I feel for ya. Ive got to go easy on my stomach or I pay, pay, pay.
    You might try something that is working wonders for me. It's called Digestive Aid for IBS and Digestive Aid for Gas. They are probiotics but in high doses yet well-tolerated in the stomach. I had searing stomach pain for weeks on end until I tried these formulas. Relief came within an hour. So far no pain has returned. You gotta take them everyday, but it's well worth it. They have a good website too, just google Digestive Aid to get ya there.
    Best of luck and health to ya!!!
  9. coolma

    coolma New Member

    sorry about the stomach - been there many years.
    I also tried all the vitamin therapy - could not assimilate Vit.C because of the acid. Upsets stomach.

    Also, be VERY careful - you mentioned juicing next. Boy,I know you are trying to get well and anything sounds like help right now. I juiced. I got severe stomach burning - here's why - because no=one would normally eat that much fruit at once, and that much extra acid accumulates in your stomach.

    yes, there are anti-oxidants and all kinds of vitamins in juicing. But with problems already in your stomach and bowels, you will get more pain, believe me. And the vegetable juicing hurt me as much as the fruit juices did.

    I had to calm down the IBS first and for years I was on prescription to coat my stomach on ANY meds and vitamins. Will slowly juice in very small amounts at any one time.

    Is your system is quite ready for all that yet?
  10. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I am home today, still shaking and weak from the stabbing stomach pain and fatigue. My bosses are disgusted and wont ease up on work, I think giving me disability is just to move dealing with job accomodations off the table.

    Rhuematologist seems okay but emphasizing psych consult when I feel my body dissolving with fatigue and pain. She says until the depression lifts treatment is useless. I say until someone really addresses the physical and stops with the lip service,(I believe in FM/CFS etc etc) I will be depressed. My bones were crunching, hip slipping years before I heard of FM or was diagnosed. I dont know if I have to have cancer or collapse in the street first. If the bone scan I'm going for doesnt show anything, I'mm committing myself to the closest lockup and throwing away the key myself.

    Glad someone gave me the reality check on juicing because I cant eat/drink anything without my stomach being knifed with pain.
  11. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    That would be 50,000 per day, until further notice.
    I eat alot of dairy, take supplements and am outside daily.
    How can any american living and eating in our time be as depleted from a vitamin that's also added to our food?

    Did I deplete myself? Did I take the Vit D out of myself? I must have done that somehow, other people who dont eat half as well aren;t in this condition.

    Can you use up your Vit D from running to Drs asking why you feel so weak, tired and in pain? HOw can a doctor tell a patient to take 1000mg of B12 without instructions to break it down etc. I can just imagine what 50,000mg of D is going to feel like in my stomach.

    I dont think any of them know what the heck they're doing and when they find a wall, they blame the patient...time for a psych consult!!
  12. coolma

    coolma New Member

    let your system calm down for a few days - these high amounts of vitamins are triggering stomach/bowel pain. I would stop them, then reintroduce a very little at a time. If you then react, stop. Make note of what you are taking each time, and the amount.

    Nope, your depression won't get better until you FEEL better - DUH - your specialist is wrong. 100%.

    Taper off what you are taking until your tummy settles down. You may need to make a better selection of specialists.