Help stop Medicare Cut! Write your senators today!!!

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    Today's issue of Parade Magazine contains a story about the need for the US Senate to act within this week to keep Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors from dropping even lower. The cause of the drop was a FEDERAL ACCOUNTING error to begin with!

    For those of you who don't know, when you have been receiving SSDI for a year you are eligible for Medicare. Many doctors are having to refuse to ssee any new Medicare patients due to the low rate ot reimbursement already being paid them. This is before the cut set to occur. This affects many of us here on the board, either now, or in the future.

    You may write to your Senator through a link with the magazine's website. Just add dot com to Parade and you will be there. Click on Intelligence Report to read the article and respond to it.

    Here is a copy of the letter I wrote. You can personalize it and use it as a guidieine for your own letter if you wish.

    Dear Senators,

    Medicare's Payments to physicians are too low now and are in danger of being cut even further, due to a Federal accounting error, unless you act within the first four days of reconvening Tuesday.

    I am a 51-year-old woman in Virginia and I live with my 91-year-old mother. I have recently applied for Social Security Disability and my mother has been on Medicare since her retirement in 1976. We both now face the possibility of being turned away by new doctors, asked to never come back at established doctor's offices, and feeling a need to apologize to the ones who do treat us because of the low reimbursement rate.

    Doctors cannot pay their staff members, their constantly rising malpractice insurance, and other office expenses in the current economy with what Medicare pays them. As a result Medicare patients are being turned away or those with private insurance or no insurance are unfairly making up the difference. Please don't cut the reimbursement rates further. The patients will suffer as will the job satisfaction for doctors who actually care about and want to help their patients.

    Thank you for your consideration. Please act soon, before it is too late for our senior and disabled citizens.



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    Thanks for the info, but please clarify. I know docs can turn away any private ins. program they want, but I thought it was illegal to refuse to see Medicare patients, no?
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    From personal experience I can tell you that when my mom and I recently changed primary care practices I was told that not all the docs accepted Medicare. While it didn't affect me, yet, it does affect my mom.

    Lucky for her they have a geriatric specialist, who, of course, accepts Medicare. I know there are others who do, but not which one. This practice has six doctors in it and seems so much more on the ball than our previous one.