Help stop perfume smells in mailings from Credit Card accounts

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamj, May 31, 2006.

  1. pamj

    pamj New Member

    Please help stop this problem by sending a note to any company that sends you "scented" mail. I'm also going to send a message to the magazines that I subscribe to. Sometimes they're so smelly, I can't read them.

    My mom just opened her Macy's/Filene's bill at my house and there was a very strong perfume sample inside. She had an asthma attack and now has a bad headache. I got so mad, I sent the following message to the Macy's customer service email...

    "I have a complaint about receiving fragrance samples along with my monthly bill. As a person suffering from Asthma & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, I got very ill after opening my Filene's charge account bill today.

    These chemicals can be very toxic to many people and should not be forced upon us in our own homes.

    Please discontinue this form of marketing."

    Hopefully this will help "clear the air" :)

  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I love Good Housekeeping.....they promised me to send ones with no fragrance samples in them. They said that others also could not tolerate this, so they had some customers that they sent a special mailing on, with no samples.

    All would be okay fro a couple of months and then my mail would come. Magazine would sit on the table until I got a chance to go through it. Meanwhile I would get headache, sore throat and all and ended up in bed.

    Later find samples in the magazine.I would have to throw the magazine out. I really wanted to read it so bad too. But I found out that I could not even tear out the samples and put them in outside trash and air out the magazine for even a couple of months in the shed or garage, it still bothered me.

    I kept writting and they would promise, but I would still get them. So I no longer subscribe. Susan
  3. twilkinson

    twilkinson New Member

    I am going to try the cancelling my account if I receive anymore perfume samples to see if that works.

    My daughter gives me a hard time about having to hold my breath when we walk through the perfume and make up section at the stores, I think the bigger stores, Famous Barr, Lazarus, etc need to move the location of these counters.


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