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    the stress of life is getting to me and i feal like no one cares a bit. i have writen in different places that offer support and compasion and i am at the end of the road. there are two forks in my road and one of them end up in me being noe bother to any one again, though i do not want to chose this path. the other path is to just fall apart mentaly. neither is a option but i have no support, from any one.

    frist my 2 teen age sons that i take care of are mentaaly disabled and i worry about them all the time. all they seem to do is fight or bring me into a fight and try to make me chose sides. i just can not seem to deal with it.

    next, my baby sister was in a critical car crash on monday she is in the hospital and thigs do not look good. i spent 2 days with her. so my mind is on her and her kids( one was seriously hurt in the crash). i want to be with my sister, but because of money i can not go there. it realy hurts me so bad that i can not be there for her and do nothing to help. i feal like i am no good for anything, i can not even afford to help my family, what good am i . councling gives me tools , but all the tools in the world do not help me when i need to be with my baby sister. i am so scared she will die and i have no way to be there. what use as i , i am just a waste to my family. i want to be with my sister and i can not. i feal like i have no use in this world. what can i do , die or live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You were put here for a reason and you will persevere through this.

    Do not question your worth at a time like this. Your sister needs you, even if you are not sitting right next to her side, you are still able to be there for her. Just being alive, gives you purpose. God only knows what would happen to your sons without YOU!!!!!!

    Are you taking an anti-depressant to help you through this time period?

    If not, please consider seeing a psychiatrist. That is what they are there for. Sometimes medication is necessary AND HELPFUL.

    Hang in there. You can see this through. And if you haven't been already -- pray, pray, pray and then call your psychiatrist.

    Healing Light -- scapper
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    Hold yor head up. Was just sitting here talking to my boyfriend about how stressful life can be and how worthless we can feel sometimes. We were both trying to lift each other up. We are under a great deal of stress right now and it is a true test of faith. I was sitting at the computer while we were talking and I noticed that your post had just popped up. Everything WILL be ok. I will remember you, your sister, her children, and your children in my prayers. I know you can't see him, but if you will talk to HIM he can hear you. Please pray. Sometimes life can be so hard, but we have to keep going. You deserve a BIG BIG HUG RIGHT NOW. We are here for you. Just hang on.

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    some anti depressants may help you..