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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wendye, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Hi please let me know if any of you have these symptoms. I have a hard time swallowing at times and it almost feels like there is something inside of my neck. The doc says it is just muscle but it hurts a lot on the side of my neck toward the front of the throat area. Also have horrible left sided pain up in the ribs that burns bad and aches all the time. my stomach makes noises and burns most of the time. Food makes me feel sick at times. I wonder if swollen glands can make you feel like your chocking or being strangled. I am tired all the time and feel rotten everyday. This stuff is the worst thing on the earth to have.

    Do you feel better in bed and feel some relief with heat. I do but if I had my way this is where I would be all the time.

    please help me out...

    Thank you Hugs Wendy
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    I don't have this, but I will bump for you! Hope you feel better soon! Kim :)
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    Hi Wendye,

    I have a similar problem. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to swallow anything. This is a new problem/symptom for me. (I have had CFS for 16 years)

    I have not consulted with a doctor about the swallowing difficulty, so I do not know what a medical professional might say about the condition.

    I also have neck muscle problems, but I think that my swallowing problem is related to all my other muscle problems that seem to be part of my CFS/FM. (I have lots of muscle tightness, cramping, and some spasms)

    Another thing that I have noticed is that the swallowing problems are worse when my inflammation levels are high.
  4. wendye

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    I wonder if I need a scan. This is driving me crazy. I am on protonix and I still have the same problem. Did your neck hurt also on the side when you had this..

    Thank you all so much for the replies. It does help to get advice and to know that others have had this too.

    Hugs Wendy
  5. monicaz49

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    I am starting to have occassional swallowing trouble. Nothing chronic..just at times. In addition, i've noticed an increase in my saliva production . Ive had dry mouth for a long time so maybe my saliva production is just normal now but to me it seems excessive to the point i drool a bit while sleeping. (yuck)
    More irritating is the constricting feeling of the muscles in my they want to close. They feel very a mild mild choking typing feeling.
    I know there are a few diseases that are related to the saliva , etc..... but ive had many tests done and all is fine.
    I read in a CFS newsletter that people with CFS can test normal for thyroid..but that that may not be the case! I'm so confused now. LOL.
    Anyways..i was told i most likely have cfs and fibro since i have maaaaaaany symptoms with no cause. it may be just a symptom of CFS OR I also have adrenal/anxiety problems...i dont know if that is a seperate issue or related but throat tightening could be due to stress. So.....who knows.
    Sorry you are being bothered by all this. :(
    You are NOT alone.
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    Could be acid reflux; mine was-

    prilosec or nexium .