HELP--->Tested high for IGG 2, with low NK

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Defibro, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Defibro

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    Anyone knows what IGG 2 test mean? I tested high for it. The rest of IGG's were OK, and I tested low for NK (14). THANX

    I will be talking to the Dr. in a week. Probably he will ask for more tests.

    Anyone can shed some light to it will be appreciated, thanks, Defibro..
  2. dobrydy

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    Post your labs here as they appear in your results and I will try to interpret them for you. You may have to bump them for me.
  3. Defibro

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    Hi Dobrydy!

    Thanks for interpreting them, here are some of the normals, and the out of range ones:
    NK--------------------------> 13.7 L
    D-DIMER---------------------> O.93 H
    IGG1------------------------> 368 N
    IGG2------------------------> 582 H
    IGG3------------------------> 54 N
    IGG4------------------------> 15.9 N
    IGG SERUM-------------------> 988 N
    PREGNENOLONE----------------> 23 N
    LIPOPROTEIN-----------------> 55 H
    SED RATE--------------------> 14 N


    Thanks again, Defibro
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    Bump for ya...Dobrydy will be back to help you. She gets on and off...We'll just try to keep this bumped for her.
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  9. Defibro

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    bumping again, hope Dobrydy gets someanswer thanx..
  10. dobrydy

    dobrydy New Member

    I am sorry I did not get to it sooner, but I looked and what makes it difficult that you do not give reference ranges that this lab uses. for example they labeled IgG2 as low, but reference range for the published normal lab valuse would be 30-630 mg/dl, so it is well within normal. Also, you say that NK are low, but what are their units? Because according to our ref. values they are not low, they normal (if it is a percent value). So in summary even not knowing their reference ranges, theses values look normal or near normal to me. Sometimes there is a mix-up in the lab and they label abnormal things that are OK. Sorry about lack of help.

    However, what is the most concerning is that you probably have a problem with BLOOD CLOTTING, according to d-dimer, possibly thrombosis in your leg. Please have THIS checked as quickly as you can! If you do have this, it is life threatining.
    Thanks and sorry for the late anwer. Please let me know.
  11. dobrydy

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  12. Defibro

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    The NK activity(14) is in LUS, normal is 20 - 50 LUS

    The D-DIMER is in ug/mL (.93), should be less than .79

    The TAT is in ug/L (19.5), should be less than 4

    The IGG-2 is in mg/dL (582), should be 68-525, the other IGG's are within the norm.

    That is why I believe that I will be on Heparin protocol, and may be latter on ABX. It looks that I have an old infectious (virus, or bacterial). We shall see..

    I'll post as soon as the Dr. calls. Thanks
  13. Defibro

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    We were right about Heparin, I started the shots today, my Dear H. is giving it to me.

    The other big surprise was the Hypothyrodism. Although my hormonal tests were all within the references, the Dr. calims that my ratio of the rev. T3 to the T3 is only 1.7, it should be 3, so I should be getting soon pure T3 from the compounding pharmacy.

    My Dear H. told me that I might have hypothyrodism, cuz according to my symptoms: increase of hot flashes (while taking bio-identical hormones, progesteron, and testesterone), gained a little weight (although I follow the Zone diet, and I am always in shape), get easily bruised, insomnia, headaches, IBS, all indicative of Hypothyrodism.

    He also presccribed GH injections since my IGF-I was considered low (139 ng/mL, and ref. is 72-290), although in ref.

    Remains to be seen how I will do with the protocol.

  14. rockyjs

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    Can you tell me what lab was used? I've been wanting to get the same test, but wasn't sure if a Medicare approved lab was doing them.

    I know I'm covered for LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics and Mayo Clinic, but beyond that I'd have to check.

    Thanks -

  15. Defibro

    Defibro New Member

    The test labs for the thyroid were done at Quest diagnostics-Irving, in Irving-TX, and the reverse T3 (called ARUP test) was done at ARUP lab. located in Salt lake City, UT.

    The IGF-I test was done at Quest in San Juan Capistrano, CA

    The thrombotic marker panel test were done also at Quest

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

    I love this board, can't help it...Defibro

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