Help: Tested Positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and

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  1. WhatHappen

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    extremely low Vit D. Doctor put me on antibotics and 50,000 u of vit d twice a week. Any one else had this disagnosis?
  2. Janalynn

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    Goodness, I know RMSF can be very serious. I'm glad you're getting treatment! Do you know when you contracted it? - just out of curiousity?

    I can't help you personally, but wish you the best and a full recovery!
  3. WhatHappen

    WhatHappen New Member

    Thanks Janalynn....

    Not Sure, I do have cats and a dog. I don't have rash or a fever. That's the crazy part. The neurologist did a series of blood test because of fatigue and tiredness low energy. Already have a diagnosis of FMS and Chronic Fatigue. Low Vit D, RMSF, and Hi CRP were the only abnormalities.

    It is usually fatal if not caught in time......I am freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![This Message was Edited on 09/02/2008]
  4. hensue

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    He lives in North Carolina he went through a battle and pretty sick. Very sick. I do not know what they did but he is perfectly fine now. It just took a while do go through and get over it. How do they test you for that? What symptoms did you have? I thought this guy was at deaths door and whatever he did a turn around and he is great.
    I think they have come a long way with it. Which NC has some great hospitals.
    Let me know
    Is vitamin D check when you have just a physical? you have the comprehensive whatever blood test. Or is this a certain type of blood test.
    i dont understand all that. First i hear people are taking to much. then i hear not enough what is the deal?
    I was taking vit d and now i have stopped so do i need it or not.
    there seems to be some kind of controversy over this.
    let me know how you are and if i need to get my husband to contact this guy i will.
    take care and many prayers.
    What were your symptoms?
    This was like a year ago.

  5. victoria

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    I wasn't really aware one could have an apparent (?) low grade rocky mountain spotted fever, that's very interesting. And very interesting your doc even ran a test on it. It at least used to be a dx of exclusion, as usually one doesn't show antibodies til after recovery or death, which is why I find your dx very interesting.

    My daughter had an acute case of it at 9; after a week of 104 degree temps she was admitted to the ICU at Scottish Rite in Atlanta and given a 50/50 chance... ended up staying for 10 days in the ICU the whole time too. Happily she is fine, but it was/is scary because so few docs recognize it.

    ... it dawned on me by the end of the 2nd day why so many were in and out of her isolation room - about 90% were just 'looking at' her and even doing a cursory physical so they could see how it presented.

    NC has the highest rate of Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever btw. My daughter caught it in Georgia... she was not an outdoors kid either. Likely just got it walking from the house to the car under the oak trees... I remember her picking the attached tick off, kept reminding her doc, but still... it almost went too far.

    glad your doc thought of it... will have to look up more info about cases like yours. What the infectious disease docs told us then (16 years ago) was that if you had it and survived it, you couldn't be reinfected ever... a hopeful silver lining.

    Hope you're feeling better very soon!

    all the best,

  6. WhatHappen

    WhatHappen New Member

    Hensue, thanks for replying….I have been suffering from FMS/CFS about 10 years. My Neurologist did a series of blood tests last week to find out why I was having so much fatigue and body aches. (a way of life for me for the past 3 years) Currently, I have nausea (about a month now, new symptom) and just woke up hot with a fever 97.7 normally 97.1. The vitamin D check was by blood also. She just filled up the prescription pad with different codes for the lab to run test on. She said it was real low(Vitamin D) . I am going to get a copy of the results when the lab opens this morning and I am going to the hospital for answers especially on the RMSF. She kept asking if I ever had RMSF or if I was experiencing a fever or had a rash. (both false) Thanks for your prayers. I am really praying because I know this can be fatal or really bad to say the least. I would have gone to the hospital overnight if I had copy of the labs. Glad to hear your husband’s cousin made it through fine.

    Thanks Victoria for responding,

    “It at least used to be a dx of exclusion, as usually one doesn't show antibodies til after recovery or death, which is why I find your dx very interesting.” That’s why I am freaking out!

    Great to hear your daughter is doing fine. I know that must have been a trying time. Especially after you told them she had been bitten by a tick.

    I haven’t had a tick bite recently. I do have animals in the house and I use Frontline on them.

    “What the infectious disease docs told us then (16 years ago) was that if you had it and survived it, you couldn't be reinfected ever... a hopeful silver lining. “ That is a silver lining!

  7. Hootie1

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    Yes, I too take Vit D. I started on 50,000 per week, but am now on 1mg or whatever twice that is per week.

    Don't worry, you will get better!! Vit D works- be glad they found the deficiency. I'm sorry that I don't know much about Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever, but I am glad that they found it at least- you know.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    When we were children, every spring, we would go see the doc for our RMSTF shots. The ticks are everywehre in CO until it gets too hot for them. We were always outside playing and our folks tried to prevent our getting sick. It usually doesn't get hot enough to kill the ticks in the mountains so they are a threat all summer and into fall as well.

    I remember removing a tick from my daughter's neck when she was a kid. It hadn't bit her yet. We looked both kids over with a fine-toothed comb and didn't find any more. It was a bad year for ticks. I don't know whether they still have the shots or not. Even if they did, I'm not sure I would get them, knowing what I now know about what is in vaccines.

    I do remember people getting very sick with RMSTF but I don't remember many dying from it.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Lichu3

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    "positive." If it is an antibody test, it depends on what type of antibody test.

    Some folks have been exposed to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and it shows up as "positive" in the their blood but at a low level. They are healthy though and have not been sick with RMSF.

    There are studies where they take blood from healthy children and adults in areas with RMSF and there are some percentage of folks with positive blood tests but they don't need treatment.
  10. victoria

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    I did read somewhere that most people (maybe all?) of european descent today carry some genetic difference from those that died of one of the plagues... I'd imagine that would be true with many diseases.

    I believe I read there's about a 30% mortality rate amongst untreated acute RMSF...

    bad enough but the scary part is how it can leave you.

    While my daughter was in the ICU, a 14 yo boy was in the next door isolation room... within 24 hours of being infected, he was brain damaged, in a wheelchair... we had the same doc, we were told he was not likely to recover much if at all.

    all the best,
  11. TXFMmom

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    My cousin had it when we were children and was ill for quite some time.

    There was a study published in a good medical journal last week which reported that two thirds of Americans are very low on B12 and Vitamin D.
  12. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    You are correct in that many of the individuals of European, especially northern European decent carry genetic abmornalities which gave them at least some immunity to the plague, and actually many of the earliest settlers came to North America not too long after the last Great Plague.

    However, we also have a much higher incidence of autoimmune diseases and things such as that.
  13. WhatHappen

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    Seems as though the CDC and the Drs are not talking the same language when it comes to RMSF. I got a 2nd opinion and was told that I should be fine after I take a round of antibotics. The CDC says that it is fatal without timely treatment. I am still weak and nauseaous but I am getting my appetite back. I guess time will tell.

    Thanks for the replies.
  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Just saw your post... you know that IS an interesting correlation. woder if anyone's ever attempted any studies on that? Thanks for the interesting idea!

    all the best,
  15. laurenpb

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    Hi, I had that exact diagnosis about two years. had weird muscle aches, joint pain, and assorted symptoms like extremely dry eyes and mouth, skin flushing, stomach upset, breathing issues. I was about 2 months post partum and my awful doc wrote it off to post partum depression. Reluctanlty she did some blood work and found extremely low vitamin d and positive rheumatoid factor. I did not like her bedside manner, and she was a new doc my insurance company had assigned me. I received permission from insurance company to go back to the old doctor. I saw that doctor who found an old note in my file that said I had tested positive for RMSF years ago!!!!!???? He asked me if I had recovered, and iwas like, WHAT?? I had been to see him (actually his physicians assistant) for what I thought was a drug allergy reaction and they did the testing and never called me with a positive result. I honestly do not think I had RMSF at that time because my rash was completely different (raised and very itchy) from the RMSF rash and I had no other illness, only an elevated white blood cell count. They retested and found the RMSF level was still there but unchanged. They insist I don't need to treat it because I am not sick with it.

    I have struggled to keep my Vit D up, and I also tend to be anemic. I have suspected for some time that I have a thyroid problem, but the TSH always comes back within range.

    I suspect that it's possible some people have RMSF without sickness because they either fought off the infection or the bacteria was not actually RMSF but something similar that is less severe but that still triggers a positive titer test.

    Would love to hear how you are doing given our similar diagnoses!
  16. ajpates

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    i was first told i have RMSF in june 2012, i have been sick since june 2012! i took the meds never got better. i was retested fall of 2012 i was called and told " you have RMSF" i said yes i know since june she said no this is new ! winter of 2014 same thing and was told no this is new! not old new RMSF! and for 8 more test since then i have been told i have NEW RMSF! there is no old indicators it new every time . and i have been told i have fibro smh . i hurt my joints hurt my head pain is always bad, my kness the pain, i cant sleep i cant eat but i am gaining so much weight!! i have gained 40 pounds and i never eat! i do not understand what is going on someone please help me!
  17. candyswift

    candyswift Member

    Do't be too worry. Since you've got diagnosed, the doctors will help you out. Just take it easy.

    Wish you all the best.