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    i have had tmj for about 5 years now. it used to be so bad that i had to get a mouthguard to wear at night from the dentist and i wound up grinding that down and putting holes in it. i then stopped and went on antidepressants. since then i have went up to high on an antidepressant and now am withdrawing from it. now my jaws are killing me i think im grinding again at night and maybe lock jaw during the day i am not sure. it hurts so bad,feels like i had root canals all on my upper jaw on both sides. i was wondering what you all do to help with the tmj, and if this has happened to any of you during withdraw from a med. my reg dentist will not give me anything so looks like i will have to ask my psychiatrist. any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Hi Andrea - I'm sorry, I don't have TMJ, but my sister-in-law was recently diagnosed and I know how hard it's been for her. I hope you find answers and feel better - sending prayers your way :)

    Take care - Jane