Help understanding MRI report.

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    i have been yrying to figure out, from my MRI report, how spine surgeon diagnosed herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and facet disease. My lumbar report didnt note these findings. However my thoracic report did but said found in lower lumbar. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt need to get MRI report and look at it again. Not on my lumbar one, but my thoracic report, they noted facet degenerative disease and ligamentum flavum thickening in my lower lumbar. I looked this up and it seems to me that this is where the neurosurgeon got diagnosis of spinal stenosis?? Kind of strange not noted on my lumbar report but at least I found it and was able to make sense of it...I think. Just want to get better and WORK AGAIN! LIVE AGAIN! I have lawyer for SSI. Since I'm not able to work, a check would be wonderful. My goal is to be able to seek help with Medicaid aspect though since I have no insurance. I've researched til I can't see. Anyone familiar with ligamentum flavum thickening and it's relationship to spinal stenosis or are they one in the same??
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    Welcome to the board. I never heard of ligamentum flavum thickening
    before. Sounds like an ingredient in gum. Anyway I read about it on
    the Laser Spine Institute page. It seems to be a thickening of the fibrous
    bands that hold the vertebrea together.

    Age connected apparently, but I would think you are too young. I
    don't see any connection to spinal stenosis, but the effect may be the
    same. Just not enough room for all the stuff in that area. The site
    says anti inflammatories may help. So might stretching exercises.

    I have a bad back myself. When it's acting up, I can't walk. Seeing the
    chiropractor every 3 weeks keeps things pretty much in place.

    Hope you can find some help. Good luck with your Soc Sec case.