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    I know there has been some confusion about what may or may not be posted here so thougt I'd lay out some steps to help when considering sharing material from another site. Anything you post in your own words is OK. So, if you say, "I read an article about how toxic fluoride is...," it's fine. It's in your own words.

    The problem comes in when something is cut and pasted here verbatim. Here are some steps to remember when cutting and pasting material:

    1. Check on the website and look for anything which says the material may be reproduced. If it says you may do it, go ahead and cut and paste, giving the source of the material, along with the statement that it was reproduced with permission. Note: It is rare that websites post blanket statements granting permission to reproduce.

    2. If there is no permission statement, you must contact whomever owns the material or holds the copyright and ask them for permission to reproduce it here. If granted, you may cut and paste it here as long as you identify the source and that you have permission to reproduce it.

    3. If something is in the public domain, meaning it's from a .gov website, you may cut and paste it here. There are some other websites in the public domain but it's tricky to discern what is and isn't.

    4. You may simply post the URL (full website address) so people can read the material for themselves but it cannot be a commercial website which sells things.

    5. You may reproduce material from ProHealth's Library here or post the URL of the ProHealth page on which it resides.

    I know this is confusing and I suggest printing this out and keeping it by the computer if there is any confusion. Problems almost always occur when someone reads an article on another website and just copies it and pastes it here out of a kind-hearted desire to share it with everyone. Unfortunately, that is illegal to do if the material is copyrighted or owned by the website from which it originally came. ProHealth has to be vigilent in not breaking copyright laws and that is why we have to delete material which may not be legal to post here.

    I hope this helps. The minute we start to copy and paste, we need to figure out whether we have legal permission to do so. In the overwhelming majority of cases, we do not unless we get permissin. We appreciate it that our members are so generous in sharing with one another; however, copyright laws are important. Abiding by them keeps everyone, including ProHealth, out of legal problems.

    Thank you all for helping to stay within the law when sharing.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well and that you were hacked. The last thing you need when you are sick is having to deal with this kind of stress. I was hacked years ago and my hard drive crashed. This is why we can't post our e-addresses here. ProHealt goes to a lot of trouble to keep this site safe.

    Hope you feel better.

    Love, Mikie

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