Help w/?'s on Acidophilus/Yeast and diabetics

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    A fibro friend emailed me:

    =========her words below:
    When I take antibotics my stomach feels real sick. i don't vomit. The bowels use to get real lose but lately they are hard or lose can be either. But they are not" normal"
    Antibotics just set fibro into a flare. Everything gets worse.

    She gets really bad sinus and infections yet some antibotics she can not take at all and the rest makes her sick and she gets bad yeast infections. Her Fibro flares then also. Really sicker then. She can not get rid of either problem easily at all.

    I have been researching for her and myself (and others). I told her that I think she has Acid reflux and she said that she does and has meds for it. That it causes her sinus problems and other problems she has. I thought that maybe she should use Acidophilus, etc. to help get her stomach and bowls in better condition. She is so weak that she is afraid to diet on top of all of it. She used Acidophilus years ago and it helped back then she told me.

    So maybe using it for a while, to get more of a balance of her system.... then going on a elimination diet for yeast? Also checking further with Dr. on the Acid Reflux? I am debating all of this for myself. I do not have her allergies (I have different ones..LOL) and can take antibotics, but otherwise I feel that both of us would be better off by going these routes. I need to define it more and study it more.

    I feel her problem is causing a snowball affect and it is feeding off of each other.I feel we should check with our doctors also. I plan on doing so. We should do that?

    On myself.......milk made me ill as a youth, I would throw up and stomach pain was awful. Still can not eat or drink it
    unless it is skim milk. Yogurt does the same to me. I would love to use it, but I would suffer with just a bite or two.

    I can eat ice cream or whipped cream and other things a long that line...Oh, that is another thing.....I am a diabetic....juices, even without added sugar makes my sugar reading jump high. I can eat a orange raw and sugar is fine. I think it is because I gradually disgest a raw orange and I do not get that big jolt of sugar that is naturally in the juice.

    Does anyone have those shakes we talk about without using yogurt or juices? I would release the juices from fruit in a
    blender and that would harm me.

    So many questions I know.....please help me sort this out, for her and for me. THANKS..appreciate everyone.
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    Concerning your blood sugar levels after eating an orange vs. eating orange juice, a couple of things come to mind.

    Before I realized that citrus caused GERD in me, I used to 'juice' oranges as well as other fruits. One thing became apparent was that several oranges were required to make a decent sized glass of OJ. If you are eating just one orange, the total amount of carbs/sugar is going to be a lot less than if you drink 12 oz of juice, processed or fresh. This may account for the jump in blood sugar. Here's a link talking about the glycemic index, glycemic load and such:

    The pH of orange juice, fresh or not is going to be acidic. Nevertheless, it it's alkaline's a good link:
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    I have not read it yet......but I will be. I am catching up on my emails.

    THNAKS so much......I need all the help I can get.....
    we have a grat bunch here and we are so lucky. Well, I guess though it is because we all share and we all have knowledges and experiences to share.


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