Help...wearing a bra hurts shoulders, neck, ribs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baanders, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. baanders

    baanders New Member

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a comfortable bra that gives lift? LOL, but true. I've even tried a strapless bra. It hugged my ribs and ouch. Bras with straps hurt the neck and shoulders. Can't even wear racerbacks that twist at the back. I've tried built in bra camisoles...still painful. Most of the time I just go braless. Help!

    Thanks ladies!
  2. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    I wear sportsbras all the time. Of course, I'm housebound so no one really sees me. At home I wear a larger size and then when I go out I have some smaller ones that hold me up better.

    I have all materials, but I love the cotton ones best due to the fevers and sweating. I get mine at Walmart they are only about $4.00 and I can't remember the name of them bestforms or something like that.

    Good luck in finding something that works.

  3. mrsED

    mrsED New Member

    Boy, can I ever relate. I have tried everything, even tried to make my own,(not successful).
    I, too, have reverted to the Hippie Days, only now I'm just a floppy Grandma.

    If anyone has any answers, please share!!

  4. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I'm soon to be 49. Gave up the darn things in 1987. Tossed them out in the trash & never purchased one again & won't.

    I too got tired of the pinching, digging, pain they caused, etc. Thankfully I'm not blessed so it doesn't matter much ;).

    Hey just think the money you save can keep you in chocolate ;). Now that I flately refuse to give up!!!


  5. misskoji

    misskoji Member

    I hear you loud and clear hun! I most of the time and braless too! I say we burn them all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to find anything comfortable! I think just going without is fine, causes a lot less neck and shoulder pain!

  6. meowee

    meowee New Member

    I rarely wear one around the house. Only if I am going out do I wear a bra, but then I usually have to contend with a seatbelt, which hurts me more than my bra. I usually don't wear a seatbelt anymore.

    God Bless
  7. mousey1762

    mousey1762 New Member

    Walmart has the best selection of bras and really cheap. I get a all cotton one. It is a front closure or a cotton one that goes over my head. No wires and there are no bra straps. They are cloth straps and don't dig in. Bras killed me too ! When I can't lift my arms over my head due to pain I go to the front closure ones. Thes bras are very light weight. If the pain is crushing your chest try a size bigger. Hope this helps. Dawn
  8. Toga

    Toga Member

    I cannot tell you how much money I've spent trying to find comfortable bras. Nothing works. I've even tried being fitted at a bra shop. They all hurt.

    I've worn underwires most of my life but they hurt so much now and I'm too large busted to go without. Regular bras without wires just don't get it thanks to gravity.

    I often say I'd love a double mastectomy and I not always kidding.

    I'm really considering seeing a plastic surgeon and seeing how much a "lift" would be and whether I could handle it with my health as it is. Then I could wear littlel nothing bras or sometmes none at all.

    The pain in my back and shoulders is awful after a day of wearing a bra. Today I wore one from about 2:00 p.m. until ll:30 p.m. and I feel awful.

    Around the house I wear bras called "Barely There." I think that's the name.

    If anyone has the solution, short of surgery, for this problem, I'd love to hear it.

  9. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i hate them!!
    but also am too large to go without.
    id kill myself...
    i have goe thru all of walmarts and cant afford a designed one.
    i feel like binding myself with a torn up sheet...
    or yes,
    i can really understand the double masectome .
    not with cancer tho- but really ,
    sometimes just having these breasts are painful also...
  10. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    I found a bra at walmart that isn't so bad designed by Queen Lateffa. it is made in the style of a support bra yet has the cup design to help support you better, it has helped me alot may work for you too.
  11. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    I hate bras! I went braless until after the kids were born and then.... Well we all know what happens after that.

    I am checking out Walmarts really soon. Queen Lateffa is a big girl too so maybe hers will work for me.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
  12. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I hate wearing bras too. As soon as I get home I take off my shoes and my bra! LOL

    I order the victoria secret every day full coverage bras, but have to get them online (40D) and now since being on prednisone, I need a larger one (cup size)!

    I glad to know about Walmart and Queen Latifa. I hate spending money on bras, but like Donnaiel said, it's worth it. And a professional fitting is worth it too!

    I'm at school ya'll....just taking a break, stopping in to say hi!

    Have a great day!
  13. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    But I can't seem to get used to going braless even though I'm quite small (34A). My clothes look better with a bra on. I feel naked without one. Boo hoo!!
  14. kbak

    kbak Member

    Altho I don't have a good suggestion for you, I do sympathize. I hate wearing a bra. No matter what type I wear, their all uncomfortable. I just don't wear one when I'm home.

    Wish you better days!
  15. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I have hated bras for years. It is good to know I have other places to look to see if I can find that one that is comfortable.

    They have made my shoulders and back ache for so many years. Oh! and pulling those straps up off my arms is real attractive in public!(tee hee)

    I too am one who first thing on getting home (even before the shoes) my bra has to go.

    Have a great day & Blessed Be,
  16. baanders

    baanders New Member

    I would definately consider plastic surgery. A breast reduction or "braless lift" as the plastic surgeons call it would be a good option. Just make sure it wouldn't make the fibro often can. I guess I'm somewhat lucky because I range between a 36A and B.
    Anyone checked out the bra in the JC penny catalog that holds the breasts together without straps? Also, I hear large bandaids can cover the nipples if we go braless! LOL. BOO HOO!!!!!

  17. webintrig

    webintrig New Member

    to wear a bra. I can also get away with it because I am 34A too. When I go braless and I wear something clingie I just put on a band-aid over you know so that doesn't show through...but from what I heard it is the style now to go braless and let it hang out and show...LOL!

    Stores also make shirts that keep you cool in the heat of the summer and if you sweat alot. That is what I wear alot.
    I think they are made to be a little clingie but I get the size that is bigger and hangs on me in stead of clinging one.Nice to sleep in and wear out.

    Target sells these shirts in there sports wear. Look for the tag it will say it on it what they are made for aborbing sweat and keeping you cool and right now they probably are clearancing them out since summer is over. It is by Champion. Hope this helps!

    Soft hugs,
  18. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    and leave it to my 15 yr old he looked at me the one day and said hey put those grandmas away. i just started laughing charlene
  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Boy do I ever rush home to get that thing off!!!

    The most comfortable thing is one of those body suits that is like a swim suit, or go to stores now and buy some of the swimmers on sale-TJ's have ones for $5 now!

    Years ago Playtex made a long line bra that came down to the waist and it was so comfy.

    I go braless whenever I can. I have seen an ad somewhere-I think in Arthritis Today for the world's most comfortable bra. Do they still make those sleep bras (think that was Lillian Vernon)?

    Love Anne
  20. NannyG

    NannyG New Member

    I have been this way for over a year. I can't stand any type of bra anything tight around my upper back. I have Fibro/Lupus?? Not sure, still dealing with it. I retired last year because I could not work all day. Still not much better, but being home I can go without a bra and wear the little soft t-shirts and a shirt over that if I go out. I do understand what you are saying.

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