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  1. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    My husband and I went to the doctor to talk about disability for me. The doctor said she wants me to see a Neurologist and a Pychritis(sp). She thought once I was on other meds for my depression etc that I would only have occassional flares and not be in one long flare like I have been in. She said that when I cut back my hours at work I got worse...I GOT WORSE AND HAD TO CUT BACK MY HOURS! She said she would sign whatever I needed her to for short term disability. When I asked about going ahead and gettting the long term started since it takes so long she said that was fine.....I don't feel like she would really support me though based on the comment she made about me getting worse after I cut back my hours....I think she thinks it is because I am depressed that I am hurting so much and have headaches etc.

    I called Allsup and told them everything she said they just told me to go ahead and send in the papers (to hire them) and my representative would get back with me. That basically it is still early (I guess since I haven't signed anything yet). SO....what does everyone think I should do. I am going to go see the doctors she recommended and file short term disablity but any other suggestions?
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    Go see who she tells you to go see, the specialists may likely help you in your case. Go ahead and file, for most it does take a long time and there is no point putting it off. Is she a PCP?

    God Bless
  3. Shalala

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    Your DR sounds alot like mine. I think these DRs are afraid or something? I have worked since I was 16 and have paid and paid into SS ... now I am 53 and in need.

    I just don't get it. I am seeing a Neuro Mar 1 and will gladly see a shrink ;-) My DR has switched me to different meds and sent me to physical therapy and this has been going on for 6 years with her. I had issues prior to that.

    So ALLSUP will advise you the whole way? My DR is putting me on STD, but that is SHORT TERM ... I know the same thing will happen when I return to work. I just hope she (DR) will be supportive for LTD (which I also have paid for).
  4. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    My doctor I seen today is a PCP. My Rheum doc said he just sends in whatever is asked for but lets the PCP do the rest.

    Allsup said they would take care of everything. I am also going on STD. But I guess I need to go ahead and do the LTD paperwork with allsup just in case the psyc. & neuro doc aren't able to help my pain & fatigue.
  5. ChristineInPA

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    I would file the Long-Term as soon as you can.

    It took my company (Hartford) four months to approve my long-term, although I had short-term through them and they had all the info already.

    Also, go ahead and see the Specialists. As long as your insurance is paying your appointments, I would get as many appointments and tests done now. As long as no one wants you take some weird meds or wants to do something that will hurt you, the more documentation you have the better.
  6. spacee

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    but it seems to me that if you can't work...then long term disability.

    I don't want to see you get in a situation where your wages are lower and you get less amount. Isn't it based on how much you earn in a year or something like that?

    I would at least ASK about that happening if you go short term.


  7. shetin

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    It depends on how old you are, and if you've gotten something like 30 some years in of working. 34 years sticks in my mind, but my mind's been wrong before - lately.
    Also, they only consider your highest earning years in deciding how much you'll get.
    Start early in applying for SSD - it took me 2 years to get mine going. And use a lawyer from the very start. Please!
    I thought since I had a medical background I could do my own. Wrong-o! They only pay attention to lawyers, unless you're on your death bed, in a coma.

  8. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    little bit, but was told that should my husband lose his job or end up having to go on Disability himself that at that point I could also apply on HIS record.

    As he has Diabetes 2 with the pain many get as well as a serious back genetic defect they didn't find until his late adulthood..AND due to his working in constuction all his life, Disability seems to be faster and more easily convinced to give the benefits to men with his background. I won't know though until and if he has to quit working due to his severe pain.

    It's just terrible that they treat it as a social program like Welfare when it's actually an insurance policy you pay into your whole workigng life and SHOULD pay you when you need and apply for it.

    I read they would LIKE to cut out SS benefits for housewives and Disability payments for them also. Whether it happens or not is yet to be seen. But since it would be the ONLY income many would have should something happen to our husbands, it would be terribly unfair if it ever passes! We've all contributed to our husband's jobs, raising the kids and paid our share of the taxes (they must think so since they give deductions for us).

    But the seniors, disabled and kids and the poor end up having things cut first. The world is very messed up on caring for our own.

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