HELP! What was that OTC med for UTI symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Seagull, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Seagull

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    This is driving me crazy and my doc is not in next week. Someone on the board had mentioned an OTC med that helps with the symptoms of UTI, but I cannot find the post and forgot to write it down when I saw it. It was nothing to do with cranberry, I seem to remember, but did help to relieve some of the symptoms. Please help. Thank you all so much. :)
  2. Seagull

    Seagull New Member

    Bump, Bump!!
  3. karen55

    karen55 New Member's an OTC form of pyridium. And there is something called Azo something, can't remember what it is. The Uristat is the stuff that makes your urine red, it relaxes the bladder spasms and irritation and that feeling like you have to go all the time. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    It's AZO Standard. I just bought it last week. Sounds the same as the Uristat mentioned above. Turns urine red and helps the pain. Good luck.
  5. Seagull

    Seagull New Member

    I will see if my local drug store has it. It should at least help me get through the next few days until my doc is back in the office. :)
  6. pam_d

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    If this is a chronic problem for you, please check out an OTC product called "Cysta-Q" (do a search; they have a website). My urologist originally gave me a sample of this. It's a supplement designed for people who have cystitis and/or tend to get UTIs easily. You should at least read about it.......if your whole urinary tract is stabalized & more healthy, you should get UTIs far less. I have chronic cystitis---Cysta-Q has helped a lot!!

    Good luck!

  7. ouchyngrumpy

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    I'm not a Dr. but: Don't try the OTC med until you have tried drinking gallons of water first! I have had bad luck with the OTC stuff and ended up in the ER anyway. Truely, drinking LOTS (and I mean constantly, as much as you can get down) of water is the best home remedy you can do.

    Cranberry only helps prevent UTI"S not get rid of them.

    (signed) A veteran of UTI's!