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    Many of you may not know this but there is help for us while we wait for SSDI or SSI to be approved. I went and applied for food stamps on Tuesday and my caseworker told me I could qualify for medical and prescription assistance even though I already have medical insurance.

    It would basically cover what my insurance doesn't.. like co-pays on office visits and prescriptions. She told me all I needed to do was have a doctor sign a form saying I was disabled for at least 12 months and that I am a candidate for SSDI.

    This will save me ALOT of money! Unfortunately my medical reports aren;t full of alot of evidence backing my disability claim because I never had enough $$ to go to the docs. Now I can make all my appts and stuff my chart FULL before I go to ALJ!

    Anyhow, just thought I would share this with you all as she said it is a federally funded program even though each state may call it a different name. Here in PA it is called Healthy Horizons.

    Check it out!
    Sandy (FF)
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    I didn't want to bug anyone's eyes out by putting too much on the same thread!

    A few weeks ago I went to my Social Security Psych appt. I had already made an appt with one of the social workers in his office. He is basically the big whig in this tiny town for psych appts.

    Anyhow, i am not necessarily receiving care from him but he is the boss of the person I am getting care from. Well as I said he did my Social Security exam, and I didnt know how he had judged me.

    When the food stamp office gave me the form for disability, I daringly called him and asked if he would fill it out for me. He was very nice about it and filled it out. When he gave it back to me he did list me as "indefinately" disabled and a candidate for social security.

    His diagnosis was "major depressive disorder". The exciting thing about all of this is he did label me as disabled when he did my SS exam!

    Yeeehaaa. BTW I am not getting my hopes up LOL :)
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    Good for you, go ahead and get your hopes up, this sounds very positive. Thanks for all the info.
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    My hopes are a bit up, but I have read so many accounts where the SSD docs evaluated favorably for disability but were overlooked regardless.
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    That the chances of getting SSD go up when a person suffers from depression as well as from physical disabilities. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie