help whose worse S O or my girls

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    Try to make a long story short. I have 2 daughters 13 and 16. I divorced thier dad in 2002. Started a relationship with a long time friend, he moved in and not a moments peace since. My girls and him pick at each other all the time. Sometimes for fun a others not. Its hard to tell somtimes when darren is playing. He has done alot emotionally and financially for us. a couple months ago he moved all his stuff out because he fekt the girls didnt respect him or his stuff. Sometimes I dont think they do.They are resentful and can be quite selfish. Well my oldest is going to homecoming this week-end. her date should be in 11th grade but was helled back a year and my daughter has to pick him as well. He doesnt drive either. she doesnt pick real good friends and darren and i know this. she is picking up her date and bringing him home for us to meet him and then going to the dance. Of course that was enough for darren to tell her that he is a loser and made fun of him to her. she got mad and called him a loser! He is so mad that she can disrespect him. We got into a big argument and i told him to leave. Im sure we need to end our relationship because i cant take this stress. I have been sick since april and just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I know im rambling but i am just so sad!!! Why cant we all just get along? Will I ever feel better? Thanks for listening!
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    It would be good if possible to put the relationship on hold and remain friends for a while.

    Girls at 13 and 16 can be very competitive with their single mothers for male attention. This could be what's happening at your home.

    I'd recommend professional counseling with your daughters if you can afford the costs. I had to do this with my daughter after I went through the divorce with her dad. It was easier with my sons than my daughter. Any person that I would get really close to through dating, there would be problems between my daughter and that person. I finally met my soulmate who understood this dynamic and was able to deal with it.

    I know it's hard to deal with all of this and with FMS and / or CFS. You need the peace and calm and not anxiety produced by this type of stress.

    Good luck and warm wishes, Jeannette

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