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    Imagine living at a beach resort and getting all the rich food and drink that you wanted. Would you leave? If you have created a “resort” for parasites, they are not going to be interested in leaving any time soon. But once you stop feeding them and start an anti-parasitic, cleansing diet, you can be assured that these unwanted guests will soon get the message and leave!

    While trying to eliminate candida or other parasites, it is important to know which foods feed parasites and weaken the immune system and which foods feed only you and strengthen your immune system. It is best to stop eating sugars and starchy foods in every form and increase the consumption of non-starchy vegetables and protein. (Below is a general recommendation of foods to avoid and foods that may be allowed. This is based on recommendations for overcoming candida overgrowth, a yeast-based parasite. Diet may be adapted if dealing with other forms of parasites in the body.) It is imperative to eat only when you are actually hungry and not to overeat. For better digestion, also included PLANT ENZYMES when you eat cooked foods.

    BUILD UP IMMUNITY by avoiding foods you are allergic to and taking an echinacea-based formula recommended to stimulate immune activity.

    Include PROBIOTICS, taken in capsule, powdered or liquid form, to assist the building up of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, to aid immune activity in the bowel and to help rebuild the bowel wall.

    It is best to CLEANSE THE COLON and make sure bowels are open and functioning well before taking any product that will actually kill the parasites. Otherwise a toxic build-up will occur and re-absorption back into the bloodstream may occur before the colon is able to eliminate the excess “die-off.” This situation may be avoided by using diet wisely and carefully to control and then eliminate the conditions that have made your body a "resort!"

    Cleansing may also bring to the surface, like a cleansing reaction, conscious and unconscious unresolved issues that block health, these reactions pass in about a week. Keeping a positive attitude is important. If you “cheat” on the diet, don’t berate yourself, just resolve to start again. Including others in the parasite cleanse or choosing someone to be accountable to may also help you stick to your goal!

    RECOMMENDED ANTI-PARASITIC PRODUCTS: (These products will be less effective if you have a poor diet.) Candida Clear (capsules), Candida Defense (capsules), Worm Out (TincTract), Oregano Oil, Garlic Oil (capsules), Pau d’arco and/or Black Walnut (TincTract)


    Meat includes fish, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, seafood

    Most all land and ocean vegetables (except “sweet” ones like beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes and yams)

    Low gluten Grains: Millet, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat; (later on- brown rice and for those without allergic reaction- corn (especially blue corn) products, rice cakes, sprouted (non-flour) grain breads (i.e. Ezekiel Bread)

    Non-sweet fruits: lemons, limes, cranberries (later on grapefruit may be included)

    Selected dairy products: Butter, ghee, plain yogurt, goats milk, (limited) farmer cheese, white cheeses)

    Oils: (organic, unrefined, expeller-pressed) fish, olive, canola, pumpkin, sunflower, safflower, flax, lecithin, grape seed

    Nuts and Seeds: almonds (soaked is best), almond butter, sunflower, pumpkin, caraway, flax

    Sweetners: Stevia

    Misc.: Legumes (limited if digestion is poor), tofu, soymilk, garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, herbs


    All sweet fruits and sugars (fruit juices, dried, canned or frozen fruits, high fructose corn syrup, honey, molasses, brown sugar, rice syrup, fructose, sucrose, cane sugar, Asulfame, Nutra-Sweet, Aspartame, Saccarin, Sweet ‘n Low)

    Alcohol, soda pop, diet drinks, MSG, citric acid, junk food in general, refined sugary cereals, beef, pork, mushrooms, peanuts, distilled vinegar, nuts and nut butters (except raw almonds, which are alkaline)

    Avoid greasy fried foods, starchy grains with high *gluten content, legumes and beans (if poor digestion), oils if not on allowed list, most salad dressings, bakers and brewer’s yeast., sweet sprouts, including wheat grass.

    Avoid “sweet” vegetables during the initial “worm out” phase of the diet, including beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes and yams; also avocado, tomatoes (overuse), eggplant, green bell peppers and brown skin potatoes (too high in gluten).

    *FOODS WITH HIGH GLUTEN: Breads, flour products, grains and pastas (All create too much gluten in the body which in turn creates natural sugars that again, feed the parasites.)

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    Thanks Pat for this accurate list of things we should and shouldn't eat. Although I am pretty good at adhering to it I printed it to help fine tune my diet. I appreciate you posting it.

    EZBRUZR New Member

    This looks to be a major factor with many from all I read.

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    Thanks Pat! If its not too much trouble, could you go back, lets say for the past two days and give us a list of what you did eat? Breakfast, lunch, supper. Thank you for taking the time. June
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    I was doing real good on the no-carb, no-sugar diet until I read this list on the internet under Candida! Then most of my alternative foods were also wiped out! Glad to see I can still eat white cheeses (is cream cheese alright? I mix it with chopped salad shrimp and stuff jalepeno peppers as a quick-bite staple). I thought all vinegar was out. I'd eat more salads if I could have some kind of dressing to put on it.

    I have a question on one food not mentioned anywhere - coconut. Coconut oil is supposed to be good for getting rid of Candida and I found a recipe for "ranch" dressing using coconut milk (canned).

    I knew I shouldn't eat pork products but I'm devastated to see here that I have to give up beef as well. My favorite meat is those little center cut chuck steaks - cheap and very tasty.

    And I read that Ezekial bread does contain wheat, which I can't have at all, ever.

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    I`m fortunate not to have suffered with candida ~ thought I had it but turned out to be a wheat allergy.

    My knowledge is limited so I`m not qualified to give advice on this subject, but I think you adhere with this type of diet for something like 4-6 weeks then you can slowly introduce other foods again. This isn`t a permanent diet.

    Coconut Oil should be good.

    bmari,the potato & gravy will be fine too.

    I think it`s impossible to go without all the restricted foods, it`s incredibly strict and must be for severe cases. As long as you are taking the probiotics, natural ABX like raw garlic and drinking lots of water/sea salt to help eliminate toxicity, you`ll be fine.

    Intunejune, I`ll list everything in turn that I had today, though I am kinda on a diet:-

    Glass of water
    Green tea
    Blackcurrent Tea
    Home made Museli
    Flaxseed Oil
    Tuna & salad sarnie (wholemeal bread)
    Ginger & Lemon Tea
    Oven roasted Chicken & Vegetables (with garlic, sea salt & cheese on top last minute)
    Bio lite yoghurt

    Love Pat.

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    you dont have to be so strict to the absolute letter of the diet. Everyone is different, and alot of practitioners will say you MUST KEEP TO THIS extremely strictly. The thing is, different things agree with different people. Some people say that a potato is as good as a lump of sugar. i strongly disagree. I get terrible systemic candida and sugar can make me sooo sick if i eat enough. But if i eat a big potato with my fish or chicken and other veg, and dont eat any sugar - stick to this type of diet after a few days i feel much better. MUCH! if i ate the amount of sugar equal to a lump of mashed potato, i would be shaking on the floor! this is rubbish. The main principle of this diet is to keep mainly to the meat and veg / nuts etc and no refined sugars, yeasts etc. After that, its a matter of LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! because everyone is different, your body will tell you what it likes by how you feel in the hours after eating that meal :)

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    Pat, does the diet you have listed wotk for intestinal amoeba? I gathered 2 while in europe and can't take antibiotics. Please let me know. Thanks, Terry
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    Hi Terry.

    In a word, yes.

    This article could provide a solution for those who cannot stay with the strict diet regime in my top post:-

    Close to 75% of the general population is infected (without realizing it) with some type of Parasite. Just as with Cats and Dogs, proper treatment is necessary to eradicate these Parasites or death is possible. If you have personally ever consumed meat products or ever drank water from a Public Water System - then (I'm sorry), but you have been subjected to, and are a great candidate, for housing Parasites. Proper Colon Cleansing / Perfect Bowel Movements will help eradicate these creatures from the normal healthy person's Intestinal Tract - However, if you are ill with RA/CA/LG - then these creatures are allowed free access to every part of your body, including the Brain (Brain Fog). These creatures not only STEAL our Nutrition (which leaves us consuming only empty Calories) they also send Toxic Waste (their excrement) completely thru our bodies adding to our Total Toxic Load.

    It's no wonder that the sick just keep getting sicker. This is why we must continue to Colon Cleanse - to help keep the Toxic Load down while trying to overcome our Illness.
    If you are still experiencing "Brain Fog" (cannot think straight or remember things) after performing the Cross Crawl exercises on a daily basis - then more than likely - it is due to Parasites / Candida releasing their Toxic Excrement into your system.
    You folks that are ill must bear in mind that you are suffering due to a Toxic Intestional Overload of Waste that must be removed before you can begin to see an improvement in your Health.
    Some Alternative Health Professionals believe that the cause of RA is a single-celled protozoa called AMOEBA and that this creature must be dealt with first if any progress is to be made in overcoming the disease. The only problem being that when you take the prescription drug called Metronidazole/Flagyl to eradicate the Amoeba to help the RA - it, in turn, causes your CA (Candida Albicans)to flourish (If you have RA - then you generally have CA also). I was told that if I indeed was infested with the Amoeba, that I would experience a "Die-Off" Reaction from taking the drug. Also, that the severity of the reaction would be equal to my need for the drug.
    My need turned out to be great because the reaction was severe. I took 1 Tab. of the drug every other day for two months and always on the third day of taking the drug - I fell to the floor in pain and could not move - I felt like I was dying. I couldn't move for 30 minutes due to the SEVERE pain mostly in my stomach accompanied by nausea. After about 30 minutes, the reaction eased-up and left almost as quickly as it began.

    Did the drug cause my CA to become worse? - YES. I developed chronic fatigue and my hair started falling out. Would I suggest that anyone take the drug - NO - there is another product that I would suggest called Olive Leaf Extract. The next product that we need to discuss is my favorite and is the start of creating an Unfavorable Environment in our Intestional Tract for Parasites/CA. This product is called Tonic Supreme Concentrate - this product is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal. You can also make this product yourself (which I prefer to do because mine seems to be a little stronger and work a little better).

    In a blender add 3/4 of a Large White Onion - add 1 small jar of Minced Garlic - add 4 Habanero Peppers - add 2 teaspoons of Horseradish - add 3 teaspoons of Ginger - then fill the blender 3/4 of the way up with Apple Cider Vinegar - then Top-Off the blender with Vodka (as a preservative). Blend really well and Strain it thru cheesecloth. Put it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Shake well before use.

    Good luck,

    Love Pat.

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    Thanks Pat for all you your info. June

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Pat & Wolvrine,
    The combination of input of thinking in both Areas has led me closer to me. Each Must learn to listen, to learn to listen, to learn.................................
    Thank You both For you research input!!!

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    thanks Pat for the info.i need to know how much of the homemade colon cleanse to take and how often should i take it.thanks again. Thea
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    Be careful with seafood, especially from the Gulf. Shellfish, in particular, can harbor parasites. About the only seafood I still eat is fresh-water salmon. Fish farms use antibiotics, so farm-bred fish can be a problem. Of course, our waterways are also often polluted, so we can't really get away from the problem altogether.

    Thanks, Pat, for the info. I appreciate it.

    Love, Mikie