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    Hi, I have Fibromyalgia diagnosed 4 yrs ago, Hypo Thyroid on meds, Osteoporosis in hips and Osteopenia in spine. Have not gotten a diagnosis from the blood work below, because of a conflict with the Rheumatologist that did the tests.. I see an Ortho Dr on Monday and hoping that I can find out what these tests mean before I see him. I am so confused and worried now. Thank you for your time.
    ( I see people are reading my post, but no answers. Please if you can just answer one test, I would be so grateful. Sorry to beg, but don't know where else to go, <3)

    Ccp Antibodies Igg/Iga 25 0-19 units

    C-Reactive Protein, Quant 3.2 0.0-4.9 mg/L

    Thyroid Peroxidase (Tpo) Ab 40 0-34 IU/mL

    Thyroglobulin, Antibody 18.4 0.0-0.9 IU/mL

    (Sept 2013) Nucleolar Pattern 1:160
    Antinuclear Antibodies, Ifa

    (Jan 2013) Nucleolar Pattern 1:80
    Antinuclear Antibodies, Ifa

    CCP Antibodies IgG/IgA Nov-14-2013 14:26:00 25 units 0-19 H Negative <20 Weak positive 20 - 39 Moderate positive 40 - 59 Strong positive >59

    ESR 58 mm/hr 0-20 H

    RF Negative Negative
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    try not to worry....

    I had a LOT of new testing down this year for Lipids and came up HIGH on some of them and am doing
    things to lower them. All alternative supplements....

    Your CRP is high which indicates inflammation. MOST of us have chronic inflammation in our bodies.... My CRP is 1.8 which is still high by the labs...

    TPO is high but not terribly, which indicates Hashimotos which can lead to HypoT. Do you take thyroid support. My TPO numbers have been HIGH for years as high as 841 at one testing, now down to 84.

    RF says you have rheumatoid arthritis.... I don't so I don't have that test done.

    The others are all too complicated for me to work on.