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    I have been searching for more understanding of the rh factor and automimmunology kinds of things. I do have endometriosis too.
    Anyhow, since 1997 I have had numberous blood tests. Currently, I have again begun to have muslce/some joint pains and stiffness. Over the years the rhmy says I don't have sle, ra, etc. I just got another blood test and some of the results have increased. Can you help me make since out of this?
    Gals on the endometriosis board have been encouraging me to look up more info on fibro, so here I am :)

    Complete Blood Cound
    WBC 8.4 (my level) 4.0-12.0 is the scale they use
    RBC 4.83 3.50-5.55
    HGB 15.4 H (high) 12.0-15.0
    HCT 46.6 H (high) 36.0-45.0
    MCV 97 80-100
    MCH 31.9 27-33
    MCHC 33 31-37
    platelet count 281 150-400
    neutrophils 50.5 49-81
    lymphocytes 36.8 14-41
    monocytes 8.5 0-11
    eosinophils 3.8 0-6
    basophils .4 0-3
    share with sed rate

    Sed rate 4 0-20
    share with cbc

    Comprehensive Panel
    Calcium 9.5 8-10.5
    ALK. Phosphatase 87 0-120
    Bilirubin-total .4 .2-1.2
    total protein 7.6 6-8
    albumin 4.7 3.6-5
    bun 11 6-23
    creatinine .7 .4-1.4
    glocose 69 65-99
    ast(sgot) 21 10-40
    alt (sgpt)28 2-45
    sodium 138 135-145
    potassium (k+) 4.1 3.5-4.9
    chloride 100 96-110
    co2 25 20-30
    anion gap 13 2-16

    FREE T4 1.30 .8-1.80

    tsh 2.15 .35-5.50

    ana positive

    ana patern speckled
    ana titer 1:40 but has been as high as 680+

    rheumatoid factor 33 has been at 20 for a few years.

    Parvovirus B19 IGGand IGM antibodie
    IgG 5.27 >1.10 <.90
    IgM .10 0-1.10 <.90

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    I do not see anyhting out of order in your cbc and cmp, exept of course your autoimmune screening (ana needs further work up, it is a non-specific test, but there are more specific, your dr will take it from here. Your Hb and Hct were just a tad high, may be you were dehydrated when the blood was drawn.
    Pavovirus panel suggests that you had an infection before but there is no acute infection now, or at least there is no first time infection now (parvo can cause pain in the joints).
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    Most of your blood work sounds pretty close to mine. But results vary each time for me. My MCH is always high. There are several sites that explain what each part of the CBC relates to and some are simple enough to understand. Do a search with Google and see if that helps you any.

    IF I'm remembering correctly, FM/CFS really doesn't show up in the blood work. It's more the trigger points (the major ouch places) that are used for diagnosis. A good rheumatologist could figure this out pretty fast for you.

    I too have the Rh factor and have had endrometrosis. Had my utreus removed when I was 33 and yet had the endrometrosis type of ovarian cyst removed almost 20 years later. Go figure! I'd be interested to know if you found any links there, especially with the autoimmunity. Autoimmune diseases run in my family.

    The only thing that was finally found recently with my blood work was some genetic clotting factors, but only after having some ischemic events. Now I'm on warfarin as well as other meds. Don't know if this has helped you any, but my advice would be to get to a good rheumatologist. Best of luck to you.