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  1. nikkiee

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    Hi, my name is Nikkie.
    i was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome just last week and am waiting upon an appointment with the clinic.

    any help or advice that can be given will be much appreciated as i can barely keep my eyes open writing this!
    ive had to cut down my hours at work by alot and cant even do the simple household chores without being totaly worn out.
    waking up in the morning takes at least 45 minutes and even then im stuggling to come to.
    my back is always locking up and my im convinced my head is gonna fall off my shoulders!


    thank you :)
  2. rockgor

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    Welcome to the board. There are many nice people here to talk with.

    This site has several boards. See the upper left corner for a menu. The
    two busiest boards are Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia and Chit Chat.
    You can read the posts and also visit the research library; see above.
    The Board rules are in the right upper corner.

    The Chit Chat board is for socializing. Folks discuss non medical topics
    like kids, pets, music, recipes, jokes, etc.

    I've had CFS for about 30 years. I was lucky in that I could work part
    time. So far there is no cure, but symptoms (like depression) can be
    treated. Various supplements help some (but not all) people. I've had
    good luck w/ Vitamin D3, grapeseed extract, and the Vitamin B12 patch.

    Good luck to you.

  3. misskoji

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    Rock gave you very good advice and direction. Our members are very helpful. Hope to see you post and read our many boards.

    And thank you Rock, very much for always being so nice and helpful to newcomers and old friends alike.
  4. nikkiee

    nikkiee New Member

    thanks guys,
    ive had 4 b12 injections and its made me feel worse, im constantly in pain and just dont know what to do..
  5. misskoji

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    I'm very sorry you are suffering so much. I remember being newly diagnosed. I believe that was my hardest struggle, not knowing where to turn, what to do, how to make myself better.

    That's when I found this community. I'm so grateful I did. Everyone here understands, and lends their support and knowledge graciously. I read information here for a while, and decided on a treatment that I thought had the most promise. And it has returned me to the level of functioning I have now. Without our members here, none of that would have come to fruition.

    Please, pop over to our CFS/ME board and post your questions. Also, take advantage of our search feature. There are years worth of experiences and knowledge here.

    You are in my thoughts,


  6. nikkiee

    nikkiee New Member

    Is there anything you can recommend to do until I see the specialist?
  7. misskoji

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    I'm sorry I don't have any more advice to give you, other than-rest, and research.

    Take some time to read what has worked for others and decide what makes sense for you to try. Unfortunately, there just aren't any magic bullets.

    Please take as much rest as you can. Pushing ourselves can and does lead to crashes and further disability. Pacing yourself is the best thing you can do. Try to balance out each activity with an equal or greater period of rest, concurrently. I practice this as often as possible, and realize sometimes it just isn't...which inevitably leads to a crash. For example, I will do house chores for 30 mins, then rest for 30 mins, ect. I adjust it according to how well I am feeling.

    It takes us a while to figure out our body's warnings to signal we are overdoing it. Sometimes it is an innate sense, other times it may be painful lymphnodes or pain/weakness. Try to 'tune in' to your body and what it is telling you.

    I wish I had better answers for you.


  8. stillkicking51

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    I advice you to read everything you can about celiac disease and insist they test you for it. Contact your local celiac organization for advice on who to go to as 99% of doctors have no idea how to test or treat you.