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    Hey friends like a lot of you I have often had a problem with chafing well I'm here to tell you about a great product called Chafe Guardian, check it out here:
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    I looked at the site and it is obvious it is a new site, but I was not impressed by what I found. What I found would not encourage me to use it (I don't need it), and it wouldn't encourage me to recommend it to others. For instance:

    The site contains a "Limited Liability" that is summarized that it has no liability for your damages if you use it's product and it is found negligent. Highly unusual to state on a website advertising a new product for chafing.

    Then it has an area entitled "Forward-looking Statements" which is summarized that it's site's statements involve intentions, expectations, predictions and are made with respect to future events and subject to risks and uncertainties. These statements could be inaccurate or could become inaccurate. Again highly unusual on a site selling a new product.

    Both of these would kill any deal to buy these product.

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    definition of chafing is to irritate the skin by rubbing. So stop rubbing, and
    your problems is solved. Right?

    Another definition of chafing is to irritate or annoy. People who come here
    to sell us snake oil under false pretenses annoy me.