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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by safehaven, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. safehaven

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    Hi there!
    Im new to the rooms and stuff but was wondering if anyone could give me some help around sticking to a strict diet for M.E. My head is wrecked. I also have an eating disorder which dosent make life easier in this respect!!
    So many people have advised sticking to a caffine free sugar free diet e.t.c but im finding it so difficult even though im very ill. Does anyone have any good advice or motivating words? Have diets worked for you? and if so which ones? Look forward to hearing from you all.
  2. Kingskid

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    Might be the meds. your taking. It is hard to stick to any diet, only way to get the job done, is just do it.
    Its all in how much you want to lose, get hungry look in the mirror. That tells me NO EATING you just gotta care for yourself enough, if you truely have the want to, you will.
    Its in our WILL, gotta get strong.
    I don't know much of your illness, make sure what meds
    are not causing weight gain or hunger. Sorry I could not help you, been there so many times myself, I realized I am happy with myself, its the other people who have the prob. with my weight.

    You will Concor BE STRONG & Pray
  3. bjmoseley143

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    Good morning! I wanted to write and tell you through years of experience that diets don't work. Like Dr. Phil says; notice the first 3 letters in the word diet, that should tell us something. I bought Dr. Phil's weight loss book and it is really helping. He helps you find out why you eat like you do, what causes you to overeat and alot of other things that help with weight loss. He has a menu in there with ideas on what to eat. I really think his book was a good investment. Good luck!!