Help with Fibo needed

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    Hi I am new in this group and hope some of you may be able to help me wer my Dr can't, he says with me having fibro the pain I am in he can no longer help me with as it is to extream.he is refering me again to the pain clinic which ant bin much help to me in the past. The problem I have is my Pain is getting so much worse I can't handle it, I amtaking so many differant painkillers that I as bin told I am killing myself what can I do any surgestions :-/
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    I am sorry you suffer so much with Fibro, but I am glad you found us.

    This board isn't as active as our FM/CFS/ME board. You might try posting there as well. Our members are so supportive and knowledgeable and offer advice and experiences. You can also search for any subject and pull up research articles, products, and past posts.

    So many of us struggle with this very situation, myself included. There are good doctors out there, who do believe us and treat us accordingly. They are just a little harder to find. We also have a good doctor thread on the FM board, you can try looking there as well.

    Wishing you all the best in health and healing,