*Help with Filing ADA @ Work...Very overstressed & in pain*

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cpdwife1519, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. cpdwife1519

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    I am a 34 y/o female/mother in NE OHio that just recently was discovering my Fibro was getting out hand and causing me to be completely incapacitated to the point I could not even budge to go to work( But have to). I am a mother of 2 children, a wife to a full time Police officer and myself a police dispatcher full time. I started back to work this past summer of .09
    I am completely upset and overstressed on how people treat people when they hear " oh you have fibromyalgia? really whats wrong w/you" and then are so insensitive towards us. & Clueless to mention*

    I need help filing a form for ADA from my dept and am awaiting my departmental physician to give me the forms through them but over all want to cover ALL aspects so I am covered 200% , anyone can help me I WOULD be forever in debt of their help on here thank you so kindly ....happy holidays from Ohio ...

    Heather Ann
  2. AuntTammie

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    so that maybe someone who knows about this will see it and help
  3. stschn

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    I live in California and when I have an ADA problem I call my congressmans office. It fact they are working on one for me now. I was told that it's a law with no teeth and found that to be true. There are only 50 attorneys that work in this from the goverment that's 50 in all of the U.S. So if they are after a city with no ADA sidewalks and I'm asking for a wheelchair ramp to my local blood draw station who is getting the help first. We're on our own but the we always have been.
  4. cpdwife1519

    cpdwife1519 New Member

    Thanks to all that have responded ...I agree while this may be a struggle this is a form that helps me manage which hours I could work. But now I found out that my fibro doc is out on maternity leave. I wonder if her fill in physician can fill it out by looking at my chart?

    Thanks hugs.

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