Help with Hair Loss?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by book629, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. book629

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    Has anyone experienced hair loss? Thankfully my hair is really thick but I still lose so much - my bathroom floor is disgusting after I brush my hair - I feel like I should start wearing a hairnet when I cook because even with it pulled back it seems to fall out -- has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering whether it's related to FMS or something else entirely. Has anyone found a way to help it?
  2. charlenef

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    over the last year my hair has been falling out i have a bald spot in front that i can still hide thank god i have heard that it is lack of zinc but i really dont know hugs charlene
  3. Linda_angel

    Linda_angel New Member

    are you taking?

    I took Celexa for awhile and noticed some hair loss.
    Might check out your meds and see if this is the problem.

    Also, be sure you are getting your daily dose of vitamins - something very important to those of who have this DD!

    Blessings and LIght,
  4. lkraft

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    You can see a lot of my scalp on top. I have diagnosed Hashimoto's and undiagnosed CFS. I know that a lot of it is from my thyroid, but when I got my thryoid meds optimized my hair still did not grow back.

    I suspect that with the CFS, certain nutrients are not absorbed as they should be. Your hair can be one of the 1st things to go.

    Also, it doesn't stay the same. Sometimes its a little thicker again, and then sometimes its a little thinner.

    Has been an emotional sore spot for me . . . (days I try not to look in mirror too much cuz it bothers me).
  5. LenoreR

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    Like Linda and Sleep said, it may have to do with medications. I had severe hair loss(of very thick hair) while on Neurontrin. I stopped the Neurontin,the hair loss stopped and I'm pretty much back to my florious think shiny hair again.
    Just a thought.....
  6. book629

    book629 New Member

    what mine is like and it is grossing me out - right now i'm only on one ad and i've changed them throughout time but still have the same problem, so i don't think it's related to the one med, although i guess it could still be.
  7. ilovepink4

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    My hair on the top/front of my head is getting very thin...because my hair is dark, my scalp shows through...i have also noticed my eyebrows are thinner...and reguire NO plucking anymore...they are also much lighter in color...

    I am growing out my short hair just long enough so I can get hair extensions...then I will let my own hair keep growing while I have the extensions in....if i keep going bald, i will keep the extensions in for thickness rather than length, when my own hair gets as long as the extensions....

    i don't find hair all over the place but maybe it is becuase I have short hair.....

    what vitamins should I be taking to stop hair loss and perhaps even encourage hair growth...?

    good question
  8. hi all,

    i had hair loss pretty bad last was mostly from the back of my legs (i still have that loss),and then from my head and lady region.i could see alot of hair dropping off me when i washed in the shower,especially from the lady area.

    anyway i started drinking cranberry juice,twice a day,and ive been doing that for many months now,first thing in the morning,last thing at night.

    then as im going through the months of drinking the juice,the hair loss stopped,for some un-known im well pleased right now.

    i have however started growing thicker but, pure white hair, in my lady region,and on my eye brows.

    i dont like the thick white eye brows,and i try to pluck them out,but cant see too well to do it.

    ill probably buy a eye brow pencil to cover my brows.

    the cranberry juice was the only new thing that i had added to my foodstuff list,so it gets the credit for doing good things in my body.

    my skin isnt dry and flaky now,it feels a bit greasy.and im not having any mouth ulcers while on the cranberry juice.

    i think my hair loss was to do with getting older,and maybe the cran juice is defying age,,ooohh wouldnt that be great,if it turns out to be proven to do just that.

    i do know that the cran juice is doing my bladder good,and my bowels are working ok too.

    kind regards

  9. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    My hair was falling out really badly, my doctor said it was from yeast overgrowth because I was on antibiotics. I took dyflucan and it pretty much stopped. So yeast can cause hair loss too.

  10. sadie101

    sadie101 New Member

    I thought it was stress with being sick. and my hair was falling out and my hair quit growing also, but I stopped taking cymbalta and wow my hair isn't on the ground or all over my shirt and it grew!! oh and I lost 20 pounds in two months! what the heck is in cymbalta?
  11. hattydixon

    hattydixon Member

    I am on vitamins to help with the hair loss and agree with having hair extensions which you will find more useful to hide the thinning hair.