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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by truckertroy, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. truckertroy

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    Hi I've been told that I've have ibs ...can anyone tell me if its classed as a disability please thanks for your time

  2. stick2013

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    I don't think that IBS is considered a disability. I had IBS and was diagnosed by a DR as having it. The one thing I did years later, after suffering, was I changed my diet.

    I now eat a ton of fruits and veggies, very rarely eat meat, eat almost no sugar, except what is in my fiber cereal, and my IBS is gone.. Eating fiber is a must with IBS...
  3. Mikie

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    Read the post on probiotics by Prohealth. These "good bacteria" are essential to keep the bad bacteria in check in our bowels. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Janalynn

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    IBS is a functional disorder of our intestines. It's only how our intestines "spasm" which determines how we work.
    Fiber is not always good - depends on whether you have more diarrhea or constipation with your IBS.

    What works for you will be total trial and error.

    They thought I had an infection of sorts so I was put on Probiotics for exactly the reasons stated above. However IBS on it's own isn't a bacterial issue.
    That doesn't mean Probiotics won't help.

    Depending on how debilitating your IBS is can determine if it's a disability. Are you talking SS disability or LTD w/employer?
  5. TwoCatDoctors

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    I have had IBS -D for many years, but I also have many other ailments and those other ailments placed me on SSD.

    If you have IBS-D (IBS with diarrhea), the advent of adult diapers has helped many to try to live a more normal life and thus kept them from going on disability. I also have medication from the doctor that I take when I start with the IBS diarrhea to try to help lessen the event. I also must keep stress greatly reduced (and remove people from my life that are toxic and cause too much stress) as stress is very bad for my IBS-D.

    Good luck.
  6. Janalynn

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    TwoCat - what do you take? Nothing seems to work for me? No antidiarrheals. Doc gave me Lomotil but it didn't do anything for me.

    Going out for me is not an option when I'm having an "attack".

  7. TwoCatDoctors

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    The doctor has me use Hyomax SL Sublingual .125 mg tablet and if that doesn't slow it down or stop it, then I have to take another one. And I can't eat when I'm having an "attack" because it will end up just going through me.

    And I can't stress out during the attacks because it seems to make it even worst--for me, stress seems cause the attacks. So I try to breathe slowly, not panic, and meditate the best that I can and everyone can vouch that's not easy.

    I had a really bad attack last month and had to go to the pharmacy and put on a super strength adult diaper and made it a short visit. That worked sufficiently for me. Like so much else, I have belief that in the future there will be a cure for this and the researchers will find it is something that has been so overlooked.