Help with IGg1, IGg4 and IGA deficiency in daughter.

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    We have a 13y daughter who has bn sick with sinus infections, asthma and pneumona, as well as other infections her whole life. We recently found out that she is defecient in IGg1, IGg4 and IGA. If anyone has any experience that we could get information from we would be grateful. We could us leads on books, web sites anything. Thank you Deb
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    deficiency syndrome, in the IgG and IgA sublclasses. There are treatments. She should be tested for other things (or maybe she already has been), such as pneumococcus Ab serotype 12, etc. On the web go to the site of the National Primary Immune Deficiency Resource Center and read up on info there. Another site is (Kinderstart) Immune Deficiency Foundation. These sites list doctors in certain areas. These may be a little outdated but when I was looking a year or so ago they listed: Dr.Paul Scholl (Immune and Rheum) in Chicago 1-800-kids-doc and there is a web site but I can't give it here.

    I am not a medical professional of any kind, just a sick person who reads a lot and have some of my own immune problems. She should also be tested for the compliment immune problems (C-1, C-2, etc and complement total)(via blood test) and cell-mediated immunity (on the skin). The complement system is part of your humoral immunity and the CMI (cell mediated immunity) is another form of immunity.
    Now days they also talk about mucosal immunity, and if that is low for too long it leads to low humoral immunity. I think there was an article on that on this board and if I can find it I will pop it up for you.

    There may also be some articles on IgG that were on this board and so will see if I can pop them up too. Keep an eye out. Good luck with your research. I know it is frustrating to have to do your own research. Some docs don't help as much as the should but there are DEFINITELY treatments for these things. Beckster
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