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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amejia, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. amejia

    amejia New Member

    My ankles are so swollen and the bottom of my heals hurts so bad I cant put them down. I iced them last night and try to keep the elevated but they still hurt so bad. I have vicodins but this keeps going on without much relief.

    Any ideas to help me, I am going into a flare becuase I feel like I fell down stairs and I am sssooo tired now. I am trying to take it easy, I am off work until Wednesday. I am going to the beach so hopefully I can mellow out.

  2. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    I have the same problem and I am on a diuretic. I am not sure where you live but I have had an awful summer with the heat and humidity. The couple of times we have cooled down, my swelling goes away. I am overweight which I am sure contributes to the inflammation. My rheumy did an ultrasound to check for blood clots and there was nothing - thank goodness. You should check with your own doctor of course, but try to avoide salt and drink iced tea or other liquid that acts like a diuretic.
    Good Luck!
  3. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    my feet and ankles were swollen toward the end like i was nine months started with one ankle and then foot and then it went to the other one and then they both bad for them to touch the floor....i went to foot dr. and she said it was fibro and touch of arthritis. i then went to my internist and he took blood work and the sed rate came back extremely high....he put me on prednisone and planquel and they started going down..not rapidly.... but oh it felt so good not to have that pain that just wont go away.. i hope that you find out what is your problem......let me hear if you find out.

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