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    Hi Mandy- I just went up from 2 to 3 capsules a day of charcoal. It seems like the longer I take them the more they help. Let me know if it helps you. The prebiotic I'm using is called acacia fiber or acacia gum. I heard it is a very good prebiotic from Dr. David Perlmutter.

    He is a neurologist but has researched the gut extensively because he discovered that gut problems often cause significant problems in the brain. I continue to improve and feel better and better!:) That's fantastic that your hot flashes stopped! Are they still under control with the meds?

    The prebiotics should feed the good bacteria in your gut, so they multiply and push out the bad. With a little good luck you might be able to get rid of the minor CFS symptoms you have with the prebiotics. Wow, 2.5 hours of dancing!! That's like running a small marathon!!:D Sounds like soooo much fun!!

    I will talk to you again soon. Take good care Mandy! ...... Jim
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    Hello Jim, it is really nice to know that you are feeling better. I haven’t tried the Charcoal yet but have been having prebiotics. My symptoms seem to have subsided a little these last few days which is a relief!
    Yes hot flashes under control thank heavens! It’s a great feeling not to be burdened with them. My sleep is a little better too so things are looking up for me.
    I’m still doing my dancing. I really can’t get enough. This sounds disgusting I know but by the end of the night last Thursday I was saturated!! I danced that much. This week I am going Wednesday and Thursday. I am a glutton for punishment lol
    What is happening with you this Christmas? Are you doing anything with your Son? How is he by the way? Is he still with the girlfriend?
    I have made a start regarding Xmas, I have bought one or two presents but quite a few to go. You will never guess what we are doing Christmas Day? We are going to visit family in the morning then my Husband and I are going to go to our favourite Indian restaurant and have a meal there. Just the two of us.
    I have a lovely piece of beef cooking slowly in the oven so I am off now to prepare some veg to go with it. It smells delicious!!
    Have a good evening Jim
    Keep well
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    Hello Mandy- Did your symptoms improve from the prebiotics or was it something else. I have been feeling really good the last several days as I continue to go up on the dose of prebiotics. I dug up some computer parts I had in storage and put together a second computer, just in case something happens to my new one.

    The problems you have been having with sleep could be either from CFS, which is extremely common or from menopause or both. Glad to hear they are improving! I use to dance a lot before I got sick. I too would dance until I was drenched in sweat!:D I loved it!

    My son should be coming by on xmas and spending some time together. He is doing well and still with his girlfriend and her daughter, I think she's 7 years old.

    Xmas morning with your family and a peaceful dinner with your husband, at your favorite Indian restaurant sounds like a really good xmas.:) I need to ask my son if he wants a blu-ray dvd movie for xmas. He has a big collection and loves watching movies.

    Take good care Mandy and enjoy the dancing!!:) ........... Jim
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    Hello Jim, how are you today?
    I am just the same as usual. I continue to have mild cfs symptoms most days lately but I am coping with them and not letting the problem get to me too much. I am still not sleeping very well. I’m averaging around 4.5 hours a night so not good. I do think the HRT is helping me. If I wasn’t taking it and still having hot flashes I would perhaps only get around two hours so it definitely helps there.
    Change of plan this Christmas. My brother says he will be on his own so asked my Hubby and I would we like to go celebrate with him. A couple of friends have also invited us. Anyway we have decided to go to my brothers house, he is great company and a fantastic cook. We will have an Indian meal some other time. Best laid plans and all that!
    Have you met your Son’s girlfriends little boy or hasn’t it come to that yet?
    That’s a good idea creating a second computer. It’s wise to have a back up plan, it also keeps you occupied too. I bet you get great satisfaction by putting it altogether yourself.
    Are you getting any exercise lately? I know how you enjoyed your walks.
    The temperature over here is around 8c at the moment. I can hear that it has started to rain now. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?
    I shall go and prepare our dinner now. Spaghetti Bolonese tonight. Yummy!
    Have a great afternoon and evening Jim
    Bye for now
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    Hi Mandy- I am doing well I'm happy to say! There are some very safe herbs you can take if you want to, that will help kill off some of the bacterial overgrowth that I believe are causing your cfs symptoms. The herbs thyme and ceylon cinnamon are both very good for gut health.

    I just remembered this. I started taking holy basil for it's effects on the gut and found it makes me very relaxed and sleepy. I started taking it in the afternoon, then switched to taking it a night because it makes me so sleepy. It really helps me drift off to sleep. So maybe thats something you might want to try to help you sleep?

    I just started taking some psyllium fiber to help my gut out too. Psyllium is Metamucil without any added ingredients. It seems to be helping. I am becoming more and more active in the last few weeks. I find myself looking around my apartment for things to do almost every day now to keep myself busy!

    So it's xmas at your son's place now instead of Indian food. Sounds like a good time either way.:) I have met my son's girlfriends little girl.;) She seems like an average 8 year old, into toys and computer games. I haven't been doing very much walking lately, instead I am doing more around my apartment. It's really amazing how much I can find to do, when I have the energy!

    I guess you don't need to any walking now that you are doing all that dancing??:cool::) How's the dancing going? You still crushing grapes?:D

    It's getting really cold here, it's -4c rate now and going down to -10c tonight. Tomorrow night it's suppose get down too -13 already!! Brrrrrrrrrrrr! The thought of winter makes my teeth chatter.;) We just got our first snowfall of about 8cm a few days ago and another 3-4cm yesterday. Hope you are doing well....

    Take care Mandy!................ Jim