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    I just received copies of my medical records from my first neuro visit back in 2001. I don't understand a portion of it, and was wondering if any of you with medical back grounds could help me out with this.

    "Skin shows either an erythematous rash or superficial venular dilation. In places appeared to have some spider angiomata but in others, she seemed to have a frank erythema. No urticaria, no joint swelling.

    I would appreciate it if someone could put this in english for me!!!

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    Hi Cheryl: I to have had a biopsy of a lesion on my arms years ago taken and the dermatologist told me the same thing. It was called erythema multi forem. Its basically a rash and means just like anything with fibro, a rash of unknown origin basically. It could come from a multitude of things. Said not to worry about it. Years and years ago I would go out int he sun and break out in a rash and thats when he did the biopsy. I thought it had something to do with Lupus cause my mothers uncle had Lupus so it ran in the family and wanted it checked out. I've been tested may times for arthritis and Lupus and always negative which is another common mystery to this autoimmune illness thing when everything comes out normal and you know its something. Anyway I'm sure one of the nurses on this site will probably respond and give you a better idea of what it is.

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    Thank you both for your quick responses. I guess I was getting a little concerned when I read the line " should be checked for connective tissue disease." Also stated " A neuropathy certainly could be present and the common sources including Dysthyroid State and diabetes are certainly within the scope of her extended history"

    But as of my last dr visit, my blood work all comes back normal. I had an MRI done yesterday, will get the results of that back in 3weeks. Checking to see if possible MS.

    Thanks for all your help, this medical lingo is a different language to me!