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  1. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    Webinar sponsored by PANDORA and NeedyMeds on how to get medications cheaper. Hurry, is on May 2:
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    for posting -

  3. MicheleK

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    Thank you for the reminder. I was talking with Marly Silverman today and she said it will really have some very helpful information and resources disclosed that patients can use. Webinars are a wonderful way of sharing information with even the homebound. I enjoy them.

  4. rosemarie

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    I have applied for every type of finacial help and when they add our incomes together we make far too much money. I get $322.10 a month and he gets more than 10 times what I bring home and always will.

    I would like to see if I could apply and get on it as I struggle with the cost of my scripts every month. I usually spend around $120.00 + a month.

    I don't know if Ii could qualify due to the income issue.
    Any thoughts about this subject? I could use some one other than me explaining it to me and learning if they too combine what we both make?

    Thanks for the info.
  5. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    All I can recommend at this point is to register for and then listen to the webinar to see what is offered there. I actually don't know what the services are.


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