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    I'm 24 years old, i started having problems about 2 years ago. At first i noticed my hair was getting thinner and i was losing weight. i went in for thyroid work up and all my results came back normal. It's been two years now and they still cant find anything wrong - ive done so many labs and ultrasounds and scans..they did see i had a goiter and tested my antibodies - which confirmed i had Hashimoto's disease. well the goiter ended up getting too big - it was causing me problems breathing and swallowing, so i had to get it removed. It didn't help any of my symptoms - now this is where it gets confusing, i have every single classic symptom of hypothyroidism - feeling cold all the time, dry course thin hair, brittle nails, puffy under my eyes, pale skin, dry skin, low body temp, low blood pressure and pulse..EXCEPT! im losing weight, i only weight 92 lbs right now and i keep losing weight. they did more extensive work up and found i have really high cortisol levels..number was 53 and low DHEA levels..which is adrenal disfunction - i have really high cholesterol levels 321 now. and after my surgery they of course prescribed me levothyroxine to replace the hormone that my body wasnt going to be able to produce anymore, but none of my symptoms are getting better, so i was thinking maybe im not converting my t4 to t3..but if that were the case - it still doesnt explain the weight lose part. i am so thin - i normally weight 115. so ive lost a good 20 lbs. im very weak and have no muscle or body fat..i just dont get it...i need help by someone that really knows what to look for :( my lab results were
    TSH 1.2
    Thyroxine 11.1 reference range 4.5 to 12
    FT4 0.6 reference range 0.6 to 1.2
    Total T3 166 reference range 71 to 180
    T3 Uptake 17 reference range 24 to 39
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    If it were me, I would get copies of my records and labs, including surgery records, and get a second or even a third opinion from excellent endocrinologists.

    A good endocrinologist was the person who found my goiter, did all the testing (and that was a lot of testing), and then started me on thyroid treatment, I did not need surgery. I was put on Synthroid. I went in for follow up appointments and testing to make sure the treatment was effective for my thyroid condition. It's that type of doctor I wish you could find--someone who will stick with it and if it isn't working and they can't figure it out, get you to someone who will. Take care and good luck.
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    I lost weight when I was hyperthyroid. I think twocatdoctors gave you good advice. An endocrinologist can help.

    Take care.