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  1. fibrofogqueen01

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    I just moved to a new town and I am in the process of trying to find a new doctor does anyone have any advice on how to tell if they are really going to understand how you are truly feeling and be supportive of this DD.The last thing I need right now is to get the run around from a doctor that doesnt believe me.Thanks and I hope you all have a pain free day!
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    It has been suggested to call and talk to the nurse or the office manager. I have not found that very successful. What I am going to do is try to connect with a local support group and ask members who they see and who they recommend that I stay away from. It is not a fun process. Wishing you success and a smoothe transition with your move. -Karen
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    ask if anyone has a good one they see in your area. Put the town and state in your topic title this will help get the right info. You can also get for free the Guides on FMS and CFS it's the first topic on each page and get 99 at a time as ofton as you'f like and plaster them every where you go. This gets the word out and people to here for research and what we think is the greatest support.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
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    As whoever said, look at the doctor referrals.

    If that doesn't help, find out about your local support group from the Fibromyalgia Network (there may be other). Ask the group for names.

    As whoever else said, ask around town. (That's how I found my current doc.)

    If all else fails, or if someone refers you to someone who hasn't treated fibro or CFS before, ASK the doctor if they believe in fibro as an illness. (My first doctor here, not the current one, didn't believe in CFS as an illness and suggested I be prayed over, etc.)
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    Perhaps someone here has a good doc in the area.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have just recently moved to Mansfield Ohio it is about a hr north of Columbus.I have just got the run around so bad with old doctors that I think it added to the problem of this DD.I have recently filed bankruptcy due to 30,000 dollars in medical bills that there was no way I could pay due to having so many appt and test I think my old doc was just trying to make me feel like he was doing something.He was not supportive of Fms and was trying to find anything else he could the only thing he found was arth.(past doc dx me with fms).I am just wanting someone to address the problem carry out a plan and not treat me like a lab rat.Thanks for all your replys it is nice to hear you have mail makes me feel like I am not alone since I have no doctor and no support in my family I really look forward to hearing from you guys.If anyone ever wants to talk feel free to e-mail me or put me on your buddy list Mokkev95@wmconnect Have a great day Love Tanita