Help! with Post Viral Fatigue?

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    Hi everyone,

    Am looking for help with post viral fatigue. I have been doing much better till I got the cold bug that was going around. The same thing happened last year. It took over 2 and half months to be able to get back to baseline. It has been 2 weeks this year and the fatigue has reduced me to as I was in the ninties: work and sleep. Pumping myself up for work with various supplements the back home and go to bed. I have worked hard in the last ten years: diet, different protocls, modified excecise, etc. But now I feel it is all slipping away. I have tried transfer factor with modified success but would be very interested in anyone's advice or information. Love you all, You are all heroes in my book. Paul
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    Thanks for the advice. Actually I have been at this for awhile and have used everything you reccomended in the past. The shake I assume is the same as bouncing on an excercise ball. I guess my question was directed towards what i am guessing to be an auto immune response. I get a bug I get over the bug. but the immune system keeps attacking. It is what is called post viral reaction that can go on for months. Thanks, Paul
    PS thanks for the posting on the supplements very helpful and it is appreciated.

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    i have been reading alot about ProBoost, and there was also a recent post on here about a prodcut called Engystol. they are supplements that can be purchased on your own.

    there is also a prescription med that some CFS patients take cslled immunovir. also "low dose naltrexone" (LDN) is supposed to help the immune system fight viral infections.

    do a google for any of these and you should find lots of info.

    if you have trouble let me know.

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    Thanks for the info.Sorry for misspelling your name but when I am feeling like this I am not at my sharpest. Where can I get ths shake. My recent approach for sleep has been to use tai chi like meditation that I do before I go to sleep. seems to help with restorative sleep. If you are interested I I can tell you where to get the CD. As far as tying to balance the body I have been using Siberian Ginseng which is much more calming and gentler than regular ginseng. Thanks again it is always good to talk to someone who at least understands and is particularly helpful when I am experiencing a set back. All the best to you, Paul
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    Thanks for the information on your protocol alway great to find out how others are dealing with this. I am going to have to improvise with the shake. I am allergic apples almonds and dried whey ( leaky gut for years before I knew what to do). I can use fresh whey. Also I am concerned about that much sugar in the molasses for the candida. In addition in last five years I have cut sugar input down very low even restrcitng the amount of fruit to try to control candida.Also modern fruit is like a snickers bar compared to what humans have eaten for ages. And if eat sugar I jump through the roof. Any other suggestions for the minerals in molasses or something to replace the almonds with. If not I will experiment on my own and thanks again for the help. Paul
    PS Have you ever tried colustrum? I had two good years on it before I habituated on it. I am now using raw colustrum which Organic Pastures can ship to you. Great for a whole spectrum of problems. I have also been using O2 water recently helps alot with energy and muscle stiffness. Similar to hydrogen peroxide but a whole lot safer.
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    Hi Paul,

    Go to the search bar at the top of the page and type in Marshall Protocol. Dr. Trevor Marshall also has a paper in the archives on this website. Read it.

    I am on the Marshall Protocol. This protocol has nothing to do with supplements. It uses prescription medications. Many people are having success. However it takes time and patience. As you have indicated supplements have not cured you. This protocol is curative not pallative.

    Success depends on following the protocol as directed. You can come to the website and read peoples progress and get advice.

    Come to the website and decide for yourself.

    Wishing you good health in the future.

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    Hi Paul

    I am very familiar with what you are describing.

    Yesterday I posted info on self help for avian flu; the topic is titled
    "Worried about Avian flu? Accessible Tx options".

    The info there has two lists, the ones recommended for avian flu, as against most other viruses, might well help with the symptoms triggered by a new viral infection. The ones recommended for avian flu are either anti viral and/or they decrease cytokines TNF-a and IL-6.

    Another alternative that helps me at times like this is boswellia, it is an elastase inhibitor. Although I took it for joint pain and stiffness originally it helped with PVFS symptoms as well. Now I use it on an as needed basis.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 10/24/2005]
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    Thanks for the info. I do regularly recheck my allergies as sometimes they change over time. I have ben using flax with combination of yogurt/cottage cheese in the Budwig protocol for a couple of years and really like it. Am curious about the white tongue as an indicator for candida/ allergy.

    Yes when I was on raw foods I relied highly on fruit for my calories. after reading a interesting book called Nourishing Traditions I have changed my diet to include more good fats and carbs. All the best, Paul
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    Thanks for the info. I will try the boswellia. I have read about but now will get some soon. all the best in your health and your life. Keep up the fight. Paul