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    I thought this might be helpful to some of you. There is a program by Pfizer (it only applies to drugs they make) and it's called "Connect to Care." If you make under
    $26,000 a year, you qualify for their free drug program. The number to call is 1-800-707-8990. They will send you an application. This is not the same program they have for senior citizens.

  2. LynneH

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    I wanted to bump this as I feel it may be important to someone.
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    My doctor had this form and I filled out at his office and they faxed it from there with my script.

    I received 3 bottles of Klonopin (100 tablets, 3 months worth) for free! I only had to pick them up at my doctor's office, as they were sent to him from a mail order prescription house - that's the only catch.

    Most of the drug companies have Patient Assistant Programs now and most of the doctors are given forms to use - just ask your doctor.

    Thanks for sharing this,
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    I get that help for my meds thru my Comunity Care Clinic(free clinic). I got letters in the mail after I had went to the Dr. saying I could get so much of my meds free for specified period of time. It sure helps,I can't afford to buy them.
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I did that back when I was on Neurontin (which did absolutely nothing for me) and Zoloft. It was a great program, But now the only med I get is Elavil, and it's pretty inexpensive anyways. I guess if a doctor will ever prescribe me any meds to help me, then I'll definitely need to check into this again, or whatever company makes the med that I'll hopefully be prescribed Since I don't have health insurance or a good job.

    Sharon (indigo)
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    I've tried to get into some of these programs ... the ones I've looked into are all for those without insurance. I have health insurance with Rx coverage, but can't afford the co-payments at times. That's when I have to go begging to my doctor for samples ...

    Jan ^v^
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    I will add their Companys name to my In case I need it List.
    I have Ins. now, but you never know ,