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    I have had all I can take of doctors I am done seeing any of them period... I am wondering about the suppliments that some of you take.

    What i am wondering is are you supposed to take them under a Doctor's care? Like the ZMA and the corral reef suppliments. I am so nervous about taking anything and am wondering if these need to be taken under their care due to the fact if you already have enough of what ever will this hurt you? Could someone please explain this to me? It kind of makes me nervous.

    Also what are good suppliments for the pain and fatigue, suggestions needed please.

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    Some supplements you can take pretty much on your own. Most of the vitamin and mineral supplements are OK. When people get into trouble is when they mix herbal supplements together or mix them with prescription drugs.

    Some herbals have significant side effects, such as blood thinning properties, which can get a person into trouble if having surgery.

    There are enough people here who can help you if you want to ask about any supplement in particular. The ZMA is safe and a good way to get our magnesium. If you take it, do not take calcium with it before bedtime. It will not allow the magnesium to do the muscle repair work while you sleep (or at least, that is the best theory we've been able to come up with).

    I know how frustrating it can be with the docs. I am lucky that my docs are willing to learn what they don't know and willing to prescribe things for me to try. I have found a combination of meds and supplements which seem to work well for me. That, combined with diet, prayer, meditation, and exercise, seems to be my best treatment. No one thing is a panacea, but everything works a little bit and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie