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    Hi from New Zealand, I have had shingles 5/6 times over the last 15 years, any help or ideas on how to improve general health and wellbeing to prevent another infection would be appreceated. I now have type 2 diabeties and recovery time is longer. Is there a link between CFS, shingles and diabeties? Thanks Ken
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    I don't know how old you are or if you have access to the vaccine - but here they have a vaccine they give, but they recommend that you're over 65 to get it.
    I know shingles can be terribly painful, so I'm sorry you have suffered with it so.

    I haven't heard the link with diabetes - my Mom has that and we've talked to her Dr, but I don't know about the CFS link. I know that once you've had it, your likelihood of reoccurrence is obviously very high. My girlfriend - 50, has had three outbreaks in about 2 years. Horrible.

    Have you asked your Dr. about any preventative measures or any good treatments to use the minute you notice the symptoms?

    I hope others can give good advice! (since I couldn't!)
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    I get them 6-8 times a year (about every month to every other month) for about 15 years now (I'm only 35), almost every time as my blisters crust over I get a 2nd out break right next to the 1st out break.
    I always get them in about the same place (upper left butt check) so I have awful nerve pain all down my left leg and all across my lower back.

    I had read there was a HIGH chance of getting shingles if you have CFS, I haven't been DX with CFS, only fibro.
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    YES - TAGAMET, believe it or not. Also ACUPUNCTURE.

    I have posted a lot about this, too bad the search feature here doesn't work well yet.

    We had a friend who had shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) in the groin for 6 months, and nothing the doctors gave him helped.

    I researched for him and found that tagamet/cimetidine has some very interesting antiviral (especially herpes family) and other properties. He tried it, and it was gone quite quickly for him, could tell a major difference in a couple of days, and never had it since. Steve Allen, the TV star from the 1950s-60s, went on TV even to talk about it, but since it was off-label and off-'patent protection', no one ever spent the money to get it FDA approved.

    However there HAS been research on its success with shingles, and you can read about it at the following link, look at the studies listed, and what dosages to take:

    By the way, this was after I'd had shingles myself. Mine had gone on for a week before I realized what it even was. I finally went to a 'doc in a box' for a diagnosis; it had actually by then crossed the midline of my body which it is not supposed to do typically. I was also scared because it was at my jawline - too close to my face, eyes, etc.!

    I did start the RX med for it but the next day went to an acupuncturist. In the couple of hours prior to my accu. appointment, the PHN started (SO painful!) and I was really feeling sick.

    By the end of the acupuncture app't, no more pain, no more 'sick' feeling, and the lesions had visibly gone down! -in fact I was out shopping an hour later. I did repeat the acupuncture 4 more sessions, by the end you could just barely see where it had been.

    So I highly recommend acupuncture as well! My experience aside, research studies have shown it's something that can really help shingles.

    Hope that helps you!

    all the best,

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    You can get shots for them.
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    Shingles is caused by a Herpes Virus. L-lysine or Turmeric will put Herpes Viruses in remission. One capsule three times a day does the trick for me. Turmeric works better for me, but the lysine is good too.
  7. ken-nz

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    Thanks for all the good advise will try about anything not to be feeling like this.
  8. victoria

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    Please let us all know what all you try and how it works...

    good luck!

    all the best,