help with shoulder and neck?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by ceres, May 25, 2004.

  1. ceres

    ceres New Member

    my biggest pain is in my upper shoulder and one side of my neck and iv tried to do everything can any one tell me what
    i can do to ease this? it really gets bad in cold weather
    and if the wind is cool,any ideas?
  2. Michelle Z.

    Michelle Z. New Member

    If, you have a microwave...take a bath towel and make it damp - not dripping; roll it into a log that will fit inside microwave; heat for 1 - 2 minutes (depending on your microwave); lay a dry towel down to keep pillow or couch/chair from getting wet; place damp/heated towel down and lay on it or wrap it around your neck and shoulders.

    You may need to adjust time in microwave to get the right amount of heat for you.

    I'd also like to Welcome You to the Boards. You can get alot of medical advice here and on the FM/CFS Board. The ChitChat Board can be serious but, it usually lively and a fun place to meet and chat with good people.

    Again, Welcome!

    All the Best!

  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    bother me the most, too.

    I have tried everything! Ice packs on the neck, between my shoulder blades. The ice seems to numb the pain.

    I've also tried heat. You can fill an old sock with rice (and tie the ends, of course) and put in the microwave for a few seconds to heat -- or place in the freezer to keep cold and use on your neck.

    I recently had my doc order a CAT scan of my neck and cervical spine and found out that I had spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, buldging disks, degenerating disks, etc. So ..... I had more reasons that FMS for my neck to hurt!!

    You might want to get a scan, too. I didn't have an MRI because I have a pacemaker.

    I could have an epidural injection in my neck to help the pain, but I would have to travel so far to get to someone qualified, that I have not had that done yet. Instead, I have pain pills for when it gets too bad to handle. (I also have the same problems in my lumbar spine.)
  4. Phenix34

    Phenix34 New Member

    I too have shoulder and neck pain. I use a ricepack, heat it up in the microwave and use it several times a day.
    I am also taking trigger shots in the muscles to release the muscle...that helps trememdously.
    I also see a chiropractor once a week and he helps me too.
    That's about all I know what to do. I have only been diagnosed recently and am at a loss as to what this disease can do. Would you explain to me what else I can expect?
  5. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    One of you mentioned the possibility of going for the cervical steriod injections and I would like to comment on that as I had those done thru a pain clinic.First off talk it over very well with the person who will be doing these to see how they plan to do them.Mine were a set of three which I was not told until after the first one was done.Next make sure that they give you some type of la-la med before they inject.Again I did not ask before and if I had not had that needle stuck in my spine I would have jumped off that bed and ran like hell but was scared to move as I had heard about damage done from spinal taps etc.That needle felt like a dull crowbar and was extremely painful.(I called that doctor everything but nice)Next two they gave me premeds and I did not have the horrible pain while these were done.and last ,I did not get enough relief from these injections to have gone thru that whole session.Have heard of some folks who got some help this way but honestly think this thru carefully and talk more to others before you go that route.Of course this is only my opinion on these cervical injections. Weezie
  6. WakeMeUp

    WakeMeUp New Member

    I am too sick to read all of the replies you've already received, but my neck and shoulder are the worst for me too. I take Ativan (prescription) 2 mg, three Motrin, and rub Extra Strenth Ben Gay all over that area. That takes the pain away!
  7. Melissa3249

    Melissa3249 New Member

    The only things that have helped my neck and shoulder pain
    are exercising and a good chiropractor. I do mild stretching exercises daily and see the chiro once a week.
    My diagnosis is herniated discs and arthritis with nerve involvement.

    Hope this helps.

  8. barny

    barny New Member

    hi all have you tried the tennis ball put a good tennis ball in a sock and stand with your back against the wall and roll that tennis ball around till you cant stand no more pain i do it a lot and its great it good for loosing all of those tight taut muscles good luck
  9. ceres

    ceres New Member

    you all have givin me awsome advice and it is so appericated
    love to all god bless :)ceres
  10. chinassa

    chinassa New Member

    but i find when i am on the computer too long and too many days my neck and shoulders feel like that.Please don't take offense sometimes it is the simply things that cause the most pain.My cousin's was her pocketbook on her shoulder (big big heavy one) and i have heard the wrong bra can cause all kinds of pain.I know it sounds silly but i was at the end of my rope as well.Take care.
  11. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I know mine hurts constantly.. but its worse when I get on the computer for too long.
    I try to use the rice pack on mine too.. but then I found when i used that.. It would cause me to have hotflashes.. Gosh!!..

    I also use a McKenzie cervical roll in my pillow.. Just today I called to see if my GNP would call in to Med supply to get me a new one.. Maybe thats part of my problem for the one I have been using is at least 8 yrs old if not longer then that...and I think its way past wore out..

    I hope ya all get yours feeling better..
    I will maybe try the ben gay on mine too. I forgot about using that.. or Icy hot!..