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    Dear Group,

    I read the posts and i find them remarkable. Everyone is so concerned with each other and so helpful. This is so nice to see and now to be a part of.

    Can someone help me? I take a lot of different supplements but i don't know which ones are particularly good for those with fibro. So far i understand that Vit D3 is very good as is magnesium and thiamine. Are there others according to your own experiences?

    I can't afford to see a Naturopath so coming here is very calming for me. I have been so stressed out lately.

    Thanks very much! Denise in Ontario, Canada
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    Hi Denise,

    Welcome to our group....

    I take Super B Complex everyday along with 10,000 units Vit D3, Krill oil cap & magnesium. My dr. said to be careful not to take vitamins with liver powder in them--can't remember why she said it was bad though.

    There are lots of nice people here with lots of knowledge.

    Take care of yourself,
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    Thank you very much, Bead :) Very nice to be here. This is a really good group!
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    Hi Denise,

    The answer may partly depend on the "cause" of your FM.While the actual cause of FM is not known it is usually associated (co-morbid) with the following two conditions.

    If your FM is associated with spinal stenosis or any kind of spinal irritation due to compression or fracture then you want to concentrate on the "anti-inflammatory" supplements.

    If your FM is associated with ME/CFS (no known spinal problems) then you want to concentrate on those most helpful for ME/CFS.

    Generally browsing other people's supplement list or suggestions will give a big range of possibles but the most used are the following:

    Spinal origins/triggers:

    Vitamin D3 5000IU daily (with co-factors, magnesium 400mg, zinc 12.5-25mg and vitamin K2, mixed type, 500mcg-1000mcg)
    Potassium bicarbonate to reduce muscle acidity and increase strength (this goes with the vitamin D) 500mg taken with the vitamin D.
    Curcumin (which is a turmeric extract) careful if you a have sensitive stomach.
    Vitamin B complex with emphasis on B1 and B6 (you could just take the B1 and B6)
    Omega3 oil mainly EPA. This is usually mixed with DHA which is also important but it is the EPA which most helpful for reducing pain.
    S-adenosyl methionine which is important for toxin reduction but also helps reduce pain.

    Ribose- some say this helps with pain reduction but may be more associated with reducing fatigue. (Of course the difference between fatigue and pain is not always that clear).
    Iodine-always ensure your iodine levels are good There are other proprietary preparations you may find recommended on this site.

    ME/CFS or immune system disorder/disease:
    It is very important to ensure your energy systems are catered for, that means the following:
    B12 (methylcobalamine or other form) 1000-2000mcg sub-lingual daily
    NADH - some people have found this useful
    vitamin B6
    vitamin D - magnesium - vitamin K - zinc taken together, as above. Taking smaller amounts of vitamin D, such as 1000IU to 3000IU are probably not going to influence symptoms but do act as a protection against wider disease influences.

    For all FM include these CoQ10. either form, ubiquinone or ubiquinol (the latter is more effective at lower dose but also more

    expensive) 150 - 300mg daily.
    Folate, usually in the form methyl-tetra-hydro-folate or folinic acid (800 - 1000mcg) daily.
    Because sleep is so important in FM things must be done to ensure best sleep quantity and quality. This means doing all the behavioural things to maximise sleep. If sleep is a serious problem some find that 5HTP or melatonin is helpful. Melatonin in higher doses is analgesic. However my experience with people with Fm is that 5HTP is more effective.
    Acetyl-carnitine: has been shown to be helpful in controlled trials in FM. It is associated with energetics and muscle function.
    Probably vitamin B1 which lately is shown to help some. Has to be a big dose ie. 800mg-1200mg

    Additional issues:
    If you have gut disturbances like diarrhea then it is very important to treat this. Two things are most effective in combination with the above.
    A good range probiotic and Bovine colostrum. Taken together until all gut problems are cleared up then taken as required if gut problems return. In this area it is very important to protect yourself from gut infections normally overlooked because the average person doesn't notice mild gut infections. This means ensuring being very picky about your food hygeine and keeping meal sizes down. As well as being well hydrated during the day.

    If you have to limit what you take then:

    Vitamin D3
    vitamin K2
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    Sorry, one I did forget to mention is taurine. I was reminded by the "top story" on the PH homepage. However I don't consider it one to add to the latter list above. I personally do take taurine mixed with creatine 500mg of each.
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    Ian, thank you so much. If i take all of that i will be taking them 24/7, haha.

    I do take some of them already.

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    Hi I am new here. Thank you for that information Ian. That was great. I have a chiropractic friend that specializes in the nervous system, he is one of 50 in the county. He has put some of us on Grape Seed also. Another one to look at maybe for someone is Turmeric. There has been some very positive results going on and even if you have digestive symptoms you may be still ok taking it.
    Good Quality supplements are a must. If you find a good antioxidant and mineral brand you may cut costs down and the amount of pills you take by checking the IU.
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    JAm: It depends on what is meant by inflammation or inflammatory. There is usually no simple clinical indicators of inflammation, typically CRP, ESR and PV. These are not indicators of inflammation in FM - so if you just test these then No! FM is not inflammatory.

    However if you test for pro-inflammatory cytokines then you see that the following are elevated:
    IL-1b, TNF-alpha, often IL-6, sometimes IL-8 and usually IFN-gamma. As well as others, see the work of Prof Alan Light. People with ME/CFS have a similar profile, in fact it is very hard to separate out some people with ME/CFS from those with FM. In addition CRH (corticotrophin releasing factor) is also elevated and this is usually associated with low grade inflammation.

    Both IL-6 and CRH, I believe, is why the arteriolar shunting is occurring and why FM involves neuropathy as well as low muscle oxygenation and high lactate.

    So, yes FM is "inflammatory", particularly in the nervous system with substance P and some other neuropeptides being elevated.

    Bit technical for you but has a nice diagram in it, read this:
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    Jaminhealth, thanks for a peek at your supplement list. I am a big believer in supplements too. Quality supplements is a big issue to me. You gotta know what you are buying :) or you can be wasting money with fillers.
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    Good morning y'all. I'm new here but honestly I don't remember if I've introduced myself or not. Sigh. Well, if I have, bear with me. Not having the best morning here - it's raining (again)and I hurt so bad today. Between the fibro and the IBS I'm ready to scream but even that would take a whole lot of energy to do right now. I live in GA, up in the mountains near the Appalachian Trail. I am 50, married, teach, and have an amazing 14 yr old daughter. Both of them (hubs and daughter) are very supportive - I wish everyone could havesupportive family like these two are with me. I am also two years out from wlsand I've lost 156 lbs, none of which has alleviated the fibro. I knew it wouldn't though so no surprise there.
    I do have a good primary care doc - he's not one of those "it's in your head" kind of doctors, thank goodness. I go see him tomorrow for my annual physical. I suspect the labs tomorrow may show my Vit D is lowand in which case he usually prescribes 50,000 I.U. of Vit D. I take Gabapentin - 1500mg a day - but I find I can't tolerate Cymbalta. Sigh. Tramadol doesn't help with painand I'm at a loss right now. I have to start back to work August 1 (I teach) so gotta get something figured out soon.

    I do have a question though: how do you handle FM when traveling? I am flying out on Friday for Nova Scotiaand FM has gotten a LOT worse since the last time I flew up there (2 yrs ago) and the IBS diagnosis is new (December 2012) so I'm not real sure what to expect. I will, of course, talk to my dr about this too but thought that maybe some of y'all might have some advice. Thanks. :)