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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. loto

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    for going on 3 weeks now I've had more than usual pain from my elbows through my hands, causing my hands to cramp and not do what my brain tells them to!! I got a massage yesterday, but it didn't help. Oh it helped my neck and back but didn't touch the pain in my hands! I know I have some tendonitis going on in my elbows, because I've experienced this alot before this terrible flare. I take 120 cymbalta daily (before bedtime) and my vicocin probably 4-5 times daily. My question is this, has anyone ever taken a prescription NSAID with these other medications? I could call the doctor, but of course they'll want me to come in when giving me a new scrip. I have some NSAID at home, and just want some advice from anyone else who has taken it with other meds. Or, any other advice that will give this pain some relief??????
    frustrated, and can't take it anymore!!! (it took me 10 minutes to even type this post)
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    Hi loto. I am sorry you feel so badly. I have no real advice to offer, just empathy and understanding.

    I'm sure you know you gotta go see your doc. I take Norco 4 x's a day with a Tricyclic AD and do take Mobic with them. It is an NSAID. When I have hand pain I wrap them in my heating pad for a while and this helps me.

    I hope you find the relief you need.

  3. 3gs

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    the last month or so I have had terrible pain from elbows down into hands. Told the doc it felt like my joints were in a meat grinder.

    he gave no response. wish I could give you more of an answer. but your not alone.
    call your phamarcy they can tell you what can be taken with your meds.
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    I would call the pharmacy, they are always very helpful to me. I also check, they have a place that you can plug in what you're taking and it will tell you how they interact.

    Once again, I'm glad aspirin works for some - but if it worked for others, I'm sure we'd never go up to something stronger. It is VERY difficult to go from meds needed for serious pain to cutting it down to taking aspirin.
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    Hello Loto

    I have had the same thing going on with my hands all the way to my elbows for over a month . I went in on Monday and got cortisone shots in both elbows and I feel like a new person, Good luck

  6. loto

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    I can't believe I didn't think of the cortisone shots!!! so do you think you had tendonitis in your elbows and that's what caused the pain and numbness all the way down?? I'm definitely calling my doctor on monday to see about this. Oh, also, it may be different where you are, but did your doctor have to refer you to a different place to get the shots? i'd love it if my doc would just say, ok, here's the order for it, you can go out to the local hospital and have it done. I went to a pain management clinic a couple of years ago and had the worst experience of my life there!!