Help: Work PT how many hrs can I manage be OK?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shanwill, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. shanwill

    shanwill Member

    I am trying to decide how many hours I can manage at my job as a Part time Librarian without making my CFS worse and continually crashing.

    My employer wants me to notify them how many hours per day and per week I can do. Perviously I had been working 2-3 three hour shifts/week and 1 six hr shift every other week. I was managing ok on this but had a severe relapse in Sept that lasted 3 mths long. Since then I only managed the 3hr shifts twice/week and did my first 6 hrs one this weekend and really crashed hard. (bedbound 2 days)

    I need to earn money and for the most part find the job helpful - I can get out of the house, feel useful etc. My fear is that I may be over doing it and thus causing these crashes/relapses. My doctor don't let fear decide and try to manage the new schedule of 18hrs a week. After this last crash from the 6 hrs I don't feel I can do that. Now I have to go BACK to my employer and tell them I can't manage the 18 - but what should I anticipate as to what I can manage now? I think I'm at the end of the rope as far as negotiating my hours so don't want to run them around either. Luckily I have a good union so that is why I am able to do this at all.

    Any advice is much appreciated!!!!
  2. shanwill

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    thanks for response - I loved your pic - beautiful horse!

    it's hard to tell. I am thinking of seeing if I can manage 3hrs 3x per week. I think this is a good base to see. NOw just telling my head office is the hard part. It's hard to not feel guilty and shameful with this DD. I mean 9 hrs is what I used to work in one day! I just had hoped I'd manage more hrs by now, but hoping isn't going to make it so. I was trying to see if I could do 3hrs 4x a week but I'm not as confident on that, so I'm guessing the other option is better?

    thanks again,
  3. suzetal

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    Both times you collapsed but not a 3 hour shift.If it were me (Its Not) I would try 3 hour work day .

    Sunday Off Monday 3 - Tuesday 3 Wednesday 3 Thurs off Friday 3 Sat and Sunday OFF .

    If I could work wish I could thats what I would do.

    Good Luck I hope you find what works for you.

  4. FM58

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    Well, it really seems that the 6hr shift is the problem.

    You seemed to handle the 3 hour shift with days off between.

    Perhaps you can try 3hr shift 3x week- M-W-F, that way you have a day off in-between & the weekend to recuperate. This way you are working a 9 hour shift per week.

    Do you think you might be able to pull that off?

    Will your employer be cooperative w/ this kind of schedule?

    Best of luck, hope this works out for you. Please keep us posted.


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