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    To anyone out there. I have just about had it with life and my disability retirement from the Stae of Virginia. Even though I am on SSDI andLTD, my retirement company denied me twice now and is requiring me to have an independent psychiatric medical evaluation. They are sending me a letter with date, time and who to see. I don't even have any choice in this.

    I talked with my psych the other day and she told me that it seeems that everyone of her patients who are trying to get VRS have to go through this evaluation. She told me that she knows that I am so depressed and suffer physically that I will never be able to work again.

    I had one of these evaluations in 1983 and was tossed from the US Navy due to emotional issues and this nedw one scares the beheegees out of me. I am trying to keep myself distracted but as we all know that it is not easy.

    On top of this, 11/18 is the one year anniversary where I walked (actually stomped) out of my job and have never gone back.. The 18th is the latest date that I am to receive the notification lewtter, since it staed that within 10days of the date of letter I would hear in writing about the evaluation. Letter dated 11/8, soooo 10 days from that is 11/18. Great, just when I thought I was starting to handle things a wee bit better.

    Anyone have to go through one of these? If so, what was it like? LaVada
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    Your granddaughter is absolutely a beautiful little child! Enjoyed reading your bio. I've never gone through what you will have to face, but will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Perhaps someone out there can give you some answers.
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    All he did was talk to me.That day I was in an awful flare and all I did was cry .I was in so much pain I could not concentrate.

    I answered his ? the best I could.

    The letter he sent to SSD stated that I was sad.I was denied on my first application for SSD cause of him.

    I was crying due to the pain.To this day I do not know what I said wrong.I guess he did not like my crying.

    I have since won my SSD .It took a long time and a good shrink that supported me 100%.

    You will do fine.Ill keep you in my thoughts.And prayers.


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