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  1. ethel

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    I kicked my husband out, going for a divorcee. Now like the rest of you guys I need more money to pay bills does anyone have any idea of different agency that I can get ahold of for help? He says I have to pay house, car, utilities, car insurance etc. I need help until I can get to court. We aren't legaly seperated yet. But no way will I take him back.

    Any idea will be appreciated. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!

  2. LakeErie

    LakeErie New Member

    Just cuz you hubby says so, it does necessarily make it so. If you have the funds go to an attorney.

    Go to you county and see if you can get welfare or emergency funding.

    Do you have kids? Immediately file for child support, you don't need to be legally separated. It is not retro.

    I left the house, knowing full well I would still get half the proceeds when sold. There was too many memories and expense with a house. Also things go wrong. I got a cool apartment the you just call the office if anything went wrong. You can get assistance to pay for one. I loved starting over, it felt like I had control again.

    You are entitled to have the asserts. So figure out what furniture you need.

    If you can't get an apartment, are there any friends or relatives you can bunk with for a while?

    Finally don't dwell on all the negatives, think about solutions. Divorce is horrible to go through, even a non contested one.

    Aren't the majority of the bills in his name? He can't just say they are all yours.

    During the holidays surround yourself with loved ones. Try to avoid talking about this, it will be very hard. Just try and have a Happy Holiday.

  3. lovinlifeinAK

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    from the women's resource center as well as going to the welfare agencies. The only reason I was unable to get assistance to keep the place I was living in was because I had family in the same town.

    Use the government and state assist programs. I know here in Alaska we have options for our utilities for discounted or no cost to us if we are within the poor brackets. Sorry to hear that you are going through when the Holidays are around the corner.

    I know from experience even when you are the one that is ending it, it still can be very emotional. Good luck and don't get stepped on. Stay strong!!
  4. renae1979

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    Like the others said, you need to contact a lawyer or legal aid ASAP!!

    He cannot saddle you with no money and all the bills, etc. The court/judge of the divorce proceeding won't let him do that.

  5. Dee50

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    Maybe Salvation Army?

    Keep yourself safe.

    Be very carefull if he is still in the same town as you.

    Go to a secret women's shelter if you have to. Stay SAFE.

    Can you go be with family for the holiday's?

    Take care please keep us posted.
  6. 69mach1

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    i don't know what state you live in, but i live in california.

    the laws are all a little bit different in every state...

    contact your local social services for help w/rent or mortgage, ther are ususally non-profit oragansiztions out to help abused women, i don't know if this is your case...

    if you have children there is even more help out there for you..

    i had to be very smart and resourceful where i'll be surprised the wealth of inofmation you are going to learn about...

    there is help for your utilities...

    food banks, catholic charities is a good one also...churhes..

    i know there is a number to call in michigan that can help give you places to seek help for needs...

    oh divorce tip! take drop him from auto insurance, health insurance policies if you are the primary...legally in california and i believe most states you can not, not, drop them off after you file legal separation or divorce paper!!!

    i had to do that myself...

    women are smarter usually when it comes to these things...

    and if you have children he will have to pay or owe you until he'll get to collect half of is ssa for arearages...nice thought...i am there myself...

    get startyed call legal aid see if you qualify or help for filing fees ect...if you can not afford an attorney...and i hope you closed bank accounts and credit w/his name on them you may be laible for half ot he bills...and he or you can take the money out anytime until the papers are started so take of yourself they don't give a damn usually...

    and if you are on ssi or ssdi he may be ordered to pay all of your expenses, spousal support...depending on varied things.

    do some googles on divorce laws in your state.

    good luck


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