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  1. beltme6

    beltme6 New Member

    I am new to this board... I will attempt to make this a short story. I have had four different serious whiplashes. Three have been rear end collisions, where someone else has hit my car, the 4th was when I was student teaching and told to use a chair to stand on to pull down an overhead screen. I fell backwards, hit a desk with my face and snapped straight on the ground. I have never fully recovered since that fall in 2003. After my first whiplash in 1998, I discovered pain throughout my body. My physical therapist and chiropractor thought I had developed Fibromyalgia.
    I am a TYPE A personality and now teaching in an Elementary School. I am in constant pain. Something new I have developed was tendinitis in my shoulder and have no idea how I got it. They did an MRI and only found that. I have been aching all over since the cold weather has hit and am getting very down that these pains are all creeping up. I go back to teaching on Monday. I have been getting massages, chiropractic treatment and will start physical therapy. Are there any other natural medications that help with the pain and inflamation of the tendons. I was exercising last year but my calves even hurt. I was told that I shouldn't stop the exercising but do it in moderation.
    I refuse to just lie down and let this destroy my life. I am praying that I will be able to cope!!!! This shoulder situation has really got me puzzled. I also have a wrist that is now aching.... OUT OF THE BLUE! Is this common? Does anyone else out there go through these aches and pains? I just want to make sure I am not going nutty here..:) Thanks so much for the feedback! Blessings... DM
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    have you been tested for trigger points? I went to a Rhuemy Dr. to get my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I do have pain in both my shoulders and neck that is where it hurts the most. I had 3 whiplash incidents and never recovered from the last one. I take extra strength tylenol, flexeril for a muscle relaxer, trazodone for sleep, cymbalta for pain and A.D. Ultram when the pain gets really bad, and ativan when I can't calm myself down (tranquilizer)
  3. rockgor

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    TALK to a Worker's Compensation Attorney regarding benefits. With regard to the fall and with regard to your present job. Don't delay. Time limits may varry from one state to another.
  4. beltme6

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    Yes, I have an attorney on Feb. 1st I am meeting with. They are trying to settle; however, I have been in too much pain with all of this. I am frustrated because I don't want to blame everything on the fall. I do have so much more pain since that fall though and new things constantly crop up concerning the fibro. My arm, shoulder, wrist, etc..... Do workman's comp. lawyers really help?
    Thanks... DM
  5. beltme6

    beltme6 New Member

    Hi Sue:
    I have gone two different times to chiropractors/nutritionists. Both have tested my trigger points and said it is defintely Fibromyalgia. I have not yet gone to a rheumatologist because I hate the idea of going on all the medications. I am so affected by different things. I can take 1/2 a flexeril and be out for hours: Tough when you teach.
    I guess the next step is going to see a doctor that deals with fibro. The chiropractor wants to do several tests to check my adrenal glands, thyroid, etc.....
    But last week when he checked my trigger points I about fell over with pain. He said, "Oh yes, you definetely have fibromyalgia."
    Thanks for the response.
  6. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Most of us can remember when we first got Fibromyalgia and of a stress that went along with it. IE: Physcial or mental stress,illness....etc.

    Yes, a fall can create Fibro. Do not try and justify the rest of your problems. Whip lash can cause new aches and pains at any time, even yrs. later. Many people gets arthritis later on from an injury in any area. So let the experts that is on your side, sort it out and do not worry about it.

    My main concern on this is to secure your future and health. That takes finacial stability. You do not know what is next from this nor how it might affect you later.....etc

    Also please try and use paragrahs for easier reading, some days I can not read things that run together. Many of us is like that.

    I am not feeling so well, so try and read what I am TRYING to say......LOL.......I wish you the best!
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    I am not the best to give advice on natural - the only thing in 8 years that has helped take care of the all over body aches & make life bearable for me is Tramadol.

    When I first started taking it 1 pill X2 (morning & about 4:00)and really helped. I don't have the aching in my legs & arms - the constant aches made it harder to deal with normal life as the days go by.

    I hope you find something natural but know that even a small dose of this has helped me with the same pains.

    Good luck & welcome to the board
  8. beltme6

    beltme6 New Member

    Thanks for the postings. I will do all it takes to help secure my position financially.

    What is Tramadol? Is it prescribed by a doctor?

    I have been on Zoloft. I actually took myself off last year because I hated gaining the weight, which I have been desperately trying to lose now for about 20 years. :)

    I am not against meds... I just thought I was getting so much better and this is all reappearing and I was taken by surprise... Thanks.. DM
  9. minimonkey

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    Hi, and welcome to the board. I'm sorry you are hurting so much --- yes, the pains come and go (at least with me) and often crop up in weird, unexpected places. It is different for everyone.

    I, too, have post whiplash pain as part of the fibro -- the only things that have helped me are prescription painkillers, and even those fail to help much sometimes.

    Tramadol/ultram/ultracet -- these are synthetic opiod drugs that also have an action on the serotonin pathways -- they also work on either dopamine or norepinephrine, I can't remeber which. Ultracet also contains acetaminophen. They help a lot of folks with pain quite a bit. I used to take ultracet, but was then put on Effexor and they can't be taken together.

    I take Vicodin for pain -- I'm not happy about having to do this, but it allows me to function. I'm type A, too -- though this has definitely made me slow down and pace myself.

    Getting your thyroid and adrenals checked is a good idea -- fibro tends to do a number on them.
    There is a ton of good info on this board -- read on!
  10. skierchik

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    So sorry your in pain!!

    I too have been involved in several whiplashes and the closed head injuries, pain,stress on adrenals have taken a toll. I am not a believer in pharmaceutical drugs. I believe they make the body "toxic" which makes all this so much worse.

    I believe in natural remedies, supplements and a very healthy diet to treat all my issues(which are many). In addition I have type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto's (thyroid disorder),CFS/FM. And w/o drugs (except insulin and thyroid med) have been able to feel alot better. Don't lose hope. You have to do everything possible to lower your stress levels. When we're stressed our bodies (at the cellular level) lose alot of magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc. Pain will follow. If you don't eat (and practice) a healthful lifestyle your body becomes toxic and can make cfs/fm very difficult to get a hold of and therefore, more pain.

    I would do some accupuncture first. It really helped my adrenal system to calm down (I'm type A too) Not all accu's are the same, so find one who has many years experience ( preferrably chinese) and get a recommendation from someone you trust. Try a Mag/Cal see if that makes a difference in the pain. If it gets in the blood, but not the cell, than you may have to much cellular toxicity and will have to do some other things first. But try that and see if it helps. Also contact a pain management clinic in your area.

    Try Emergen C packs, they have lots of minerals, they not expensive and will give you energy. Try two a day. If your bowels get too lose from all the magnesium, back off a bit...that happens alot. If the bowels don't get better than you know it wasn't the amount of magnesium ( watch out for too much vit. c too, it can have the same effect on the bowels.

    There's much more I can offer, but I have to go for now. LOL and hang in there!!!

  11. beltme6

    beltme6 New Member

    You are a wealth of information!

    It sounds like a lot of what you are saying the chiropractor/nutritionist just shared with me on Monday. I am taking all kinds of adrenal tests, etc. He said that he thinks alot of the extra pain is created from adrenal exhaustion.

    It is hard not to live in some kind of stress. I am a fun-loving person. I love teaching and this is making it really uncomfortable!

    I will add some cal/magnesium to my diet. I have heard that before. I think I am having a severe flare up....

    Talk to you again soon..... Take care.. .DM

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